Anti-ageing …. such an overused word don’t you think? I prefer the word pro-ageing! One thing is for sure we are all ageing and what a privilege that is, right? | WORDS BY KATRINA VALENTE

I believe, in today’s society, age is truly just a number, as we are much more aware these days about how to take care of ourselves, how to nourish ourselves and how to love ourselves more. 50 is the new 40, 40 is the new 30 and perhaps 30 is the new 25!

As someone who has been in the field of pro-ageing (my new word) for over 20 years I can tell you one thing – it’s not a one hit wonder. There are many factors that are involved in living a healthy and fulfilling life while looking and feeling good. Diet, of course has a huge impact on our health now, probably more than ever, with everything that is going on in this planet of ours…vegan all the way I say! Exercise is of paramount importance to me and it should be to you too. It regulates blood flow, oxygenation of our body and the feel good endorphin factor. It keeps you strong, mentally and physically, and it helps relieve stress. The side effect of all of that, is a good looking, fit body. who doesn’t want that?

For me, what people fail to realise is that ‘pro-ageing’ is first and foremost, emotional health. When we are stressed, unhappy, sad, angry, anxious or frustrated, the first place it shows is on our face and our energy levels. Hence, I choose to work in a way that doesn’t just improve the exterior of a person but the whole mind, body, Spirit of a person.

I use Altearah Bio Colour therapy in my facial treatments, which determines how you are feeling in the moment. It works with the subconscious mind, so it is 110% accurate. I use the perfumes, oils and serums in the treatment, which work on the Chakras of the body to realign the whole mental and emotional body. Then I use a crystal bed to help relax and absorb negative energy, and lastly reflexology while the mask is on. Topping all of that off with grade A, first class professional Organic and Clinic skincare lines. So it is actually not just a facial but a whole mind, body healing experience.

I think we live in a society that works too much and has no time for proper relaxation and fun. Have you noticed how well you look and feel after a vacation? We must try and incorporate playtime into our lives every week not once or twice per year! You are ‘a long time dead’ and life is moving so fast these days, there is really no time like the present to go and do what you love!

Life really is for living NOW NOW NOW so think about that and go meditate on it (yes another daily practice that is an amazing stress reliever).

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