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Soul reader, progression of the year expert­­ and coach, Antonia Maxwell is in Dubai and available for online sessions.


Born in Buenos Aires, painter, book writer and carrier of “The Soul Reading”, Antonia Maxwell travels across the world to conduct sessions, seminars, and courses. She has conducted more than 10,000 private sessions around the world, including online sessions. Her magical “Soul Reading” session, is a unique legacy given to her by Jain monks in Palitana (India).

“The Soul Reading was bestowed unto me over 30 years ago in Palitana, a secret place in India surrounded by 900 carved marble Temples. At the time, only Jain monks lived within these sacred mountains and few Indian pilgrims arrived once a year, and that was it.  The energy was so pure it was like being with God. Imagine the stunning surprise for these monks to see me appearing at their site. I was also astonished to find out that they had not been in contact with anyone from the outside world before. They allowed me to stay in a humble Dharamsala (a building devoted to religious or charitable purposes) for three days. Three days only, then I had to leave.

Strong revelations and spiritual experiences went through me within that time; physically, mentally and spiritually. These emotions were so powerful that I felt the urge to write a book called "The Legacy" explaining it all, many words were needed to share and disclose such magnitude.  

On the third day of my stay at the Dharamsala, "The Legacy" (meaning The Soul Reading) was given to me. I have carried this blessing with great honour and devotion ever since, and I have seen miracles happening to people.” Says Antonia.


What is a Soul Reading session?

This powerful reading is a one hour “Spiritual Voyage” through your soul.  Awakening one´s original design helps to enlighten your own potential powers, leading the path of a more spiritual life. It starts by connecting with your original programme before coming to Earth. It reveals your previous life, family conditions which may have affected your personality, plus inner revelations. This liberates inherited issues awakening your natural true being.

The session must be recorded but should not be listened to for three days after the reading.

Tools: Mandala, Quartz crystals and Cards (not under a Tarot system).


Some of the sessions offered by Antonia Maxwell include:

Coaching sessions:

* Emotional intelligence.

* Personal guide maps.

* Mastering one’s life.

* Freedom from guilt.

* Meditations opening one´s self-consciousness.

* Activating the brain.

* Exercises to gain consciousness.

* Exercises to strengthen awareness.


Progression of the Year:

The past, present and future of the consultant through both, practical and spiritual insights. This reading is based on checking present situations, the mental and emotional states and current events. It reveals information on the subconscious level, reveals annual up- comings and ends with specific private questions regarding personal unresolved situations.


Antonia Maxwell is available for online sessions. If you would like to book an online session with Antonia contact:

056 725 0908/ 050 450 7149

Antonia is also offering free coaching sessions for individuals or families of individuals affected with COVID 19.


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