It’s Time to Invest in Yourself

A guide to energy healing by Reema Aidasani

The world of holistic healing and wellness has seen a lot of interest in the past few years. As new healing and wellness modalities emerge, more and more people are trying to seek different ways in which they can find answers to their problems and look at a more holistic way of life. Today, a lot of us are facing fears and uncertainties, during this time the best thing you can do is invest in yourself and look within.

Energy healing helps you restore the balance within your energy field and align you with your true being. The main aim of energy healing or other holistic modalities is to treat the root cause of an issue and not just treating the symptoms. It also helps you identify limiting beliefs and patterns within your subconscious mind and change those beliefs. You can apply energy healing to any area of your life – work, finances, health, relationships, and emotional wellbeing.


When do you know you need a wellness and energy healing session?

We exist in a world where living in stress and anxiety have become the new normal, the slightest of inconvenience triggers us. This way of life might seem normal, but it isn’t. Stress, anxiety, frustration aren’t natural responses although it may seem like they are. The true nature of your being is bliss, peace, and joy – when we don’t experience this it means that we are out of sync with our true nature.

It is extremely important to invest in yourself. Think of it this way – we don’t think twice before going to the gym or trying a yoga session, we eat healthily and we do so much for our physical health, but what about our mental well-being? Why not invest the same amount of time and effort in taking care of our emotional health? Therefore I feel, it is always a good time to get a session done.


It is a good time to get a session when you:

Are dealing with stress

Are facing anxiety

Have anger issues

Are experiencing sadness

Are unable to achieve goals and desires despite the hard work you put in

Feel there is an imbalance in relationships

Are experiencing financial blocks

Are feeling lonely

Feel repeated situations arise or when you seem to be attracting the same kind of relationships in your life

Are dealing with health issues

Are feeling stuck

Are feeling confused

Feel like getting one J

The list is endless...



What modality is the best for you?

All modalities work beautifully it all depends on what you are drawn too. With the number of options available, one might feel overwhelmed, but there are many experts who provide free consultations, which can help you decide what modality you can work with. Most importantly, it is important to trust your instinct. There is no wrong or right way of choosing a modality, they all will help you in the way that’s most needed.


Do distant sessions work?

Absolutely! Energy work is beyond time and space. You and your practitioner could be in different parts of the world and that wouldn’t affect your session or make it less effective. People get distant healings all the time and it is absolutely efficient.


Another important thing to keep in mind – Don’t try to use logic or make sense when you are getting a session done, this work sometimes transcends the mind and you may not always understand it, but you can see it for yourself once you see how magically this works. Just be open to the experience and know that anything is possible – Miracles happen.




Reema Aidasani- Wellness & Energy Healing Consultant

I am a Law of Attraction coach and an Energy Healing consultant. I can help you work through limiting patterns and beliefs that are holding you back in your life.  We can also look into what emotions are subconsciously limiting your growth and clear them within the human energy field. This helps to change the present course of thoughts, emotions, and actions. 

I am truly passionate about helping people realize their true potential and help them take charge of their lives. I have been doing this work for over 3 years now, and over the years I have been certified in various energy healing modalities.

If you would like to book a session or just chat, you can reach out to me by email - reema.aidasani@gmail.com



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