To Live Longer, Cleanse Now!

We are exposed to toxins on a daily basis. We eat foods, drink liquids, and breathe air that contains many chemicals that are foreign and harmful to our bodies. The Western diet is filled with artificial flavours and additives, colouring agents, preservatives, pesticides, chemical fertilisers, hormones, and rancid oils. They accumulate in our bodies over the years and greatly compromise our health. In addition to foods our bodies are subjected to environmental chemicals on a daily basis. 

Along with the onslaught of environmental toxins, we are faced with naturally occurring wastes produced by our body. Free radicals, which are formed when normal oxygen molecules lose an electron, damage our bodies. While the body is accustomed to a number of free radicals and normally deals with them adequately, too much exercise, excessive stress, and a toxic system can cause an over-abundance of free radicals that puts a strain on body cells, leads to premature aging, and causes damaging effects to health.


We also face the risk of being poisoned by a toxic bowel. Poor food choices, food allergies, full spectrum antibiotics that kill natural intestinal flora, constipation, and the overgrowth of detrimental bacteria create a condition called autointoxication. In a compromised state, the bowel is unable to rid the body of toxins, so they are reabsorbed into the blood stream. These excess toxins and undesirable bacteria interfere with proper enzyme function, which in turn prevents normal cell activity, particularly in the brain and nervous system.

When the bowel is slow in emptying its waste, other organs of detoxification such as the kidneys, liver, lungs, lymph system, and skin become overworked and exhausted. The liver, in particular, shifts into higher activity, producing large amounts of age-promoting free radicals. A toxic bowel hampers all phases of liver detoxification. In this overburdened state, the body is no longer able to rid itself of wastes. Energy levels suffer, and eventually sickness and disease occur.

At first, symptoms of toxic overload are mild to moderate. Fatigue, obesity, skin rashes, sore throats, sinus congestion, headaches, depression, hives, constipation, and frequent colds may all be symptoms of toxic overload. Many of these symptoms are mistaken for other health problems and are treated with medications that increase toxin levels. The root of the problem, toxic over load, continues to be ignored.


The liver is essential to detoxification. It must eliminate toxins that are taken into the body from the environment, created by the body, or reabsorbed into the blood from a toxic bowel. This is why it is important to cleanse the bowel before or in conjunction with cleansing the liver. There are several ways that the liver helps with detoxification. It filters the blood to remove toxins. It also produces bile, a substance that carries many toxins to the bowel for disposal. Fiber in the bowel absorbs the toxic bile and eliminates it from the body. Another way the liver cleanses is by producing an array of essential enzymes that help to break down toxins, rendering them harmless.

So, as toxins enter the liver, they can be filtered, combined with bile, disassembled, or converted into less harmful substances by enzymes before being excreted out of the body

Whenever you are exposed to toxic chemicals on a regular basis or for extended periods of time (such as when painting a room in your home during the winter and there is no way to assure proper ventilation), you should eat foods rich in glutathione or take oral supplements. Fresh fruits and vegetables are your best good sources of glutathione.


The lymph system is comprised of lymphatic vessels that run parallel to the blood veins in the body. The vessels of the lymph system are filled with a fluid called lymph that is collected from the space between the cells in the body. The lymph fluids feed the cells of the body by transporting various nutrients such as salts, minerals, and proteins to every cell of the body. Likewise, lymph fluid carries cell wastes and debris that accumulate from normal cell function away and turns them over to the blood. The blood shuttles the wastes to the kidneys, lungs, colon, and skin for elimination. The lymph system can be thought of as the cellular toxin disposal system.

Lymph fluid travels to nodes found in various places in the lymph system. There are over six hundred lymph nodes in our bodies, with a particularly large concentration found in the neck, groin, armpits, and abdomen. Immune cells called macrophages are found in the lymph nodes. They engulf and destroy many foreign and toxic particles. Lymph nodes also contain b lymphocytes that produce antibodies to protect the body from future viruses, bacteria, yeast, and other organisms.

In a healthy state, lymph nodes are about the size of almonds. However, when they are overloaded with excess toxins, they swell and become painful. This occurs when the body experiences colds and infections. The lymph system is vital in helping to fight disease.

One way to keep the lymph system healthy is to eat foods that do not cause excessive congestion. Excessive and
partially digested proteins, highly refined foods, excessive sweets, and dairy increase lymphatic congestion. Limiting these foods improves lymph function.

Another way to keep the lymphatic system function is through regular exercise. Unlike the circulatory system, the lymphatic system does not have a pump. The contraction of the muscles in the body keeps the lymph fluids flowing. The work of feeding the cells and removing toxins is imperative. Keeping the lymph system in optimal condition is a big influence on your state of health.


Common Health Signs that You Need to Detoxify – Frequent, unexplained headaches or back or joint pain, or arthritis, chronic respiratory problems, sinus problems or asthma abnormal body odor, bad breath or coated food allergies, poor digestion or chronic constipation with intestinal bloating or gas, brittle nails and hair, psoriasis,
adult acne, or unexplained weight gain over 10 pounds, unusually poor memory, chronic insomnia, depression, irritability, chronic fatigue, environmental sensitivities especially to odors.


Addressing the overall health improvement of the body is essential to obtaining optimal health. Just as you change the oil in your car on a regular basis, proper cleansing should be practiced at regular cyclic intervals. Cleansing the colon and liver is the first and most important step when beginning nutritional programmes to increase overall well-being (or weight loss). Having healthy lymph function acts as a major protection against environmental and internal toxins. Cleansing or fasting and detoxification has been a part of healing protocols for centuries and is more vital today than in any period of history because of the hostile environment we live in. For longevity and health, cleansing is a must!


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