The Skin and how to really take care of it!

Every day we are losing millions upon millions of skin cells… in doing so we are also losing elasticity, smoothness and the loss of brightness to the skin as a build-up of cells stay on the surface layer called the Epidermis. | WORDS BY KATRINA VALENTE

In order to keep your skin in excellent condition we must use good quality and effective skincare products, eat well, drink plenty of water, exercise and keep smoking and alcohol to a minimum.

The skin is one of the largest organs of the body in surface area and weight. It has three main functions: protection, regulation and sensation. We forget that it is not just the skin on the face that needs attention but the full body. As an Aesthetician, of course, the face takes priority but just for a moment let’s think about the body, what can we do to keep it smooth, hydrated and wrinkle free?

One of the best things you can do is exfoliate with salt scrub mixed in with coconut oil, olive oil or almond oil (I make and sell my own with essential oils). It has several functions; it eliminates negative energy around the auric field, smoothes the skin and moisturises at the same time with the use of the oils; it saves you from using a separate moisturiser and leaves your skin super soft. As a guide exfoliate a few times per week but not too often and less so if you have sensitive skin as it can be a little too much. This will do wonders for the texture of your skin it will make you feel alive and cleanses the aura into the bargain. Do it after you shower while your skin is still wet, then let the water run over your body to wash away the salt just leaving the nourishing oil behind, then pat yourself dry.

Body moisturizers are just as important as face creams to keep the skin smooth, soft and tight. Nourishing is the word for the body as it is definitely not as well taken care of as the face and we tend to get very dry as we are covered up or sun exposed, neither particularly good. Body creams with AHA are also a good idea as they naturally exfoliate the skin keeping it fresh and renewed.

Coming back to the face, a proper daily routine is a must and the younger you start the better! Simple cleansing and toning with a moisturiser or a moisturising sunblock for teens, no need to go any higher than SPF30, after that they become quite chemical which could lead to other problems like acne or pigmentation.

Girls over 25 need to start with cleanser, toner, moisturiser and perhaps even an eye cream, I’ve always maintained that prevention is better than cure!! After 30 start getting into the specific serums for skin type and
correction. By the time a person reaches 40 this is the age where you can tell how well they have looked after themselves! Although I will say it is never too late to reverse the ageing process, there is always a way!

Serums are always a fast way to get quick results as they penetrate quickly into the skin and target specific problems like pigmentation, acne, wrinkles and so on. The golden rule is they go on after the toner under the moisturiser. Nowadays we are fortunate that a lot of professional skincare companies do one cream for day and night. This saves the ordeal of looking for a day cream and a night cream but to play devil’s advocate, a day cream is to protect whereas a night cream is to nourish. Although at night everything in the body slows down, everything to do with the skin speeds up and this is where the regeneration process takes place hence needing a more nourishing cream.

Professional products versus over the counter products. In general professional products spend money on the ingredients whereas over the counter products spend on marketing and packaging. Professional products will always have much more active ingredients and this is where the difference lies. Quicker, better, longer lasting results, hands down. Your skin is a living organ just remember that! If you want to keep looking good as you age you can quite easily just take a little time to give back to you through using good skincare products, having regular facials (of course!), eating well, drinking lots of water, exercising and getting a good nights sleep!


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