3 new reasons to say no to drinking sodas

3 new reasons why all those sugary, caffeinated, fizzy soda drinks like Coca Cola and Pepsi should be removed from your diet for good, writes Cat Smiley, Canada’s top weight-loss trainer.


Guys, believe me when I tell you that drinking soda is NOT IT.

There are sooooo many things wrong with drinking this crap; you’ve just got to kick the habit. It drives me nuts when I see obese parents feeding their obese kids pop. This is essentially robbing them of a couple of years of their childhood because the pop cans (BPA) are related directly to premature puberty. And it’s not all sunshine and roses for adults either.

3 Good Reasons Not To Drink It

  • Many of my clients try to justify it by saying that they’re eating lots of fruits and vegetables. Well check this out. Pop is an anti-nutrient meaning whatever good you are putting into your body is actually being pretty much removed by soda. So in short, sugary soda drink is a nutrient remover, especially potassium so you’ll need to eat a heck of a lot of fruits and vegetables to counter the damage that soda is doing.
  • Drinking soda (and not even very much of it) will contribute to asthma, kidney issues, obesity, heart disease and eczema risk. Every time you drink a soda, your risk of obesity increases 1.6 times.
  • People who drink soda are more likely to be smaller in their bone structure because soda breaks down your bones with it’s high concentrations of phosphoric acid, which means that when you urinate, you’ll excrete out the good calcium from your diet which will deprive your bones of this important mineral. Soda drinkers are usually smaller in their bone structure than non-soda drinkers, for this reason.

How Drinking Soda Makes You High

The reason we like soda drinks like Coca Cola so much is pretty similar to the reason that junkies like heroin. It works the same way on our pleasure sensors.

Within 20 minutes: Blood sugar spikes causing insulin burst and your liver to turn any sugar into fat.

Within 40 minutes: Pupils dilate, blood pressure rises and the adenosine receptors in your brain are blocked, which caused drowsiness despite all caffeine absorption being complete.

Within 45 minutes: Your body ups the dopamine production, which stimulates the pleasure centers of your brain…tricking you into thinking that it was an enjoyable experience. Say no to drinking sodas.


Cat Smiley is a renowned fitness personality and has been named Canada’s top Weight-loss trainer three times by the International Sports Science Association. She is the owner of Canada’s leading fitness retreat (Whistler Fitness Vacations), located in beautiful scenic nature of Whistler, B.C.


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