Inner Strength at Atlantis with Aromatherapy

An aromatherapy massage treatment that uses the power of essential oils and chakra cleansing to strengthen you from the inside out. Tamara Pitelen.


Atlantis the Palm Hotel is an attack on the senses. Situated on the furthest most reaches
of Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah, its size, grandeur and colour makes it one of the most unmistakable visual references on the city’s skyline. It’s not all dazzle and drama though. Within the hotel is a spa haven called ShuiQi Spa and Fitness. It is a refined sanctuary of calm within the heady excesses of the main hotel.

Don’t misunderstand me though, I love the blast of colour and size that grabs your eyeballs on first entering the main lobby. From the enormous marine-sculpted white columns to the 10 metre high tower of glass barnacles (comprising 3,000 pieces in total) that reflects the undersea world, as well as the liberal use of brilliant gold paint.

But this story is about one of the treatments on offer within ShuiQi Spa and Fitness so let’s walk through the lobby and over to the right where, as you enter ShuiQi, the sensory assault melts away and becomes more of a soothing sensory caress.

In contrast with the hotel lobby, when you step into ShuiQi, the world seems to slow down. Subtle fragrance permeates the air, calming music strokes your earlobes and, for the sake of your retinas, the colour tones are dialed down to more muted turquoise and sea blues. Move downstairs to the treatment area (there’s a separate male and female section) and the space is accented with large bowls of orchids, low-lighting and the soothing burble of water.


I was at ShuiQi to review the Inner Strength Massage (60 minutes). This treatment was specially designed by Geraldine Howard, the woman who co- founded Aromatherapy Associates, at a time when she was at her own lowest ebb amidst treatment for cancer.

Howard formulated a special blend of oils and aromas for this particular treatment that aids blood circulation, improves joint pain and defends against breast cancer. Inhalation of these essential oil aromas as well as their application over your body have a healing effect.

“I created this oil at a time when I needed to find my own inner strength. I hope this will help others too,” she said.

For an hour I was massaged front and back with this oil blend. A wonderfully relaxing and pleasurable experience.


As part of the treatment, there is also a chakra balancing and an energetic removal of negative energy. However, most clients are probably not aware of this as it’s happening while your eyes are covered and the therapist does not touch the body.

For a few minutes, the therapist places one hand on your crown chakra (top of the head) and, using a Frankincense oil, holds her other hand over each major chakra, then using a sweeping technique, she draws negative energy out of the body. Although, like I say, most clients are at this stage in a semi-dream state and will be unaware of this energy healing taster.

After the treatment, you’re taken to a relaxation room with sofas, magazines, tea and fruit. A hot lavender bag is placed around your neck and you’re invited to tarry as long as you like, using the Jacuzzi, steam and
sauna rooms, and relaxation areas. Who wouldn’t want to spend as long as possible here before having to leave the oasis of ShuiQi and step back into the frenetic energy of Dubai?

TOP TIP! Turn a one-hour massage treatment into a four hour pampering mission at no extra cost by taking your swimming costume and making use of the Jacuzzi, steam room, sauna and relaxation areas after your treatment.

The Inner Strength Massage packages are as follows:

w 120 min – full body massage with express facial and scalp treatment, AED 900

w 90 min – full body massage with express facial, AED 750

w 60 min – full body massage treatment, AED 510

To book contact, ShuiQi Spa and Fitness Atlantis the Palm Hotel, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Tel. 044261020


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