Reconnective Healing comes to the UAE

Can you perform miraculous healings without laying a hand on someone? Reconnective healing founder Dr. Eric Pearl says ‘absolutely’. He has facilitated healings for conditions as varied as cerebral palsy, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, immune diseases, birth defects, cancers, sciatica, deafness, and more… often for people who’d been told by the best in the medical profession that nothing could be done for them.
It sounds too good to be true but is it? Prior to Dr. Pearl’s arrival in Dubai to hold seminars, Tamara Pitelenspoke to him about what Reconnective Healing is and isn’t.

What is Reconnective Healing? I’ll get to that in a minute. First, let’s look at what it’s not. According to its founder, Dr. Eric Pearl, Reconnective Healing is not a treatment, therapy or cure. Nor is it a technique, a modality or a system. He says there is no diagnosis, there’s no determining the problem, there’s no treating, there’s no therapy, there’s no attempting to cure or fix. This might seem surprising for something entitled ‘healing’ and it does beg the question ‘so what is it then?’ but keep reading, it becomes clearer… and more incredible.

In 1993, Los Angeles chiropractor Dr. Eric Pearl started having unusual experiences with his patients that quickly got more bizarre. At first, they could feel his hands before he touched them but more importantly, their aches and pains started vanishing. Over the next couple of years, Pearl’s ability developed to the point where people who had been told ‘nothing can be done’ by the medical profession’s top doctors were being healed from severely debilitating conditions.

What was happening? It took Pearl a while to work it out and he had some strange experiences along the way, which he describes in his book, The Reconnection, Heal Others, Heal Yourself, (for example, light beings appearing at the end of his bed) but now his conclusion is that he was suddenly able to access frequencies of light, information and energy that had never before been present on Earth. He says these healing frequencies are able to bring the human body back into a state of balance. As a result, imbalances that manifest as disease and illness simply vibrate out of the body. He calls it, “a new level of healing that many believe may be here on the planet for the very first time.”

Pearl says he doesn’t create or direct these new energies, he simply receives and allows them, not unlike a lightning rod or metal conductor. More importantly, he believes everyone of us can learn to do it as well.

In the cold light of day, such claims could be dismissed as the rants of a crazy man but the countless anecdotal reports are not so easily dismissed. Pearl’s work is making waves across the world, he travels tirelessly, teaching thousands of people how to access and use these healing frequencies. He’s appeared on US TV show Dr. Oz and been invited to speak at the United Nations.

Tamara Pitelen spoke to Dr. Pearl via Skype in November 2014. The following is an edited version of that interview. To watch the video interview, go to the Awakenings TV YouTube channel or Awakenings Facebook page at

Eric 1 702 x 526

Dr Eric Pearl, Founder of Reconnective Healing



TP: “You’ve said that you do not direct the healing frequencies that you receive; that they go wherever in the body they are needed of their own accord. So does this mean these energies have an intelligence?”

EP: “They are an intelligence. It’s not that they have an intelligence; they ARE an intelligence. There is a field of intelligence. Something tells trees to grow up and roots to grow down, and for children to be born with two eyes and one nose. We give it names but there is a field of information.

“Lets go back a bit. Our bodies don’t heal the way we were taught. We were taught our bodies healed through biochemicals but we know today that the biochemical model is obsolete. Our bodies heal through energy, frequency, vibration; a vibratory entrainment with one another, it’s communicated via light. “We know that our very DNA emits levels of light; that the concept that we are light is not just
a metaphysical spiritual concept any longer, we know today from the work of Dr Fritz Albert-Popp (1) in Germany and others that we emit light and when that light is measurably dimming, our health is diminishing and when the light comes back, our health comes back.

“So that’s one. Point two, our brains don’t work the way we were taught. If you remember the old professor who pulls out a chart of the brain with circles showing the different areas, ‘here’s speech, here’s memory, here’s this, here’s that…’ but that model is also dead and obsolete. We now know that the information within our brains is not held in little sequestered areas but is diffused throughout the brain and we’re beginning to understand that it’s not within the brain; that it exists within a field of information that science today calls the zero point field.

“Back in the 1800s we used to call it the etheric field. So people who are geniuses, people who are psychics, people who are healers, it’s no big secret, they’re just listening a little more to the field and they’re not second-guessing the information, therefore they’re allowing it to flow through. There are two types of listening. One type of listening – I’m not talking about just with the ears now – is a type of awareness. We live in what we perceive as a four dimensional universe and we listen passively, we listen with four dimensions but active listening allows us to become more aware of the field itself, when we listen actively we can shift a little bit, sometimes the head tilts, sometimes the eyes fall to the side and we go somewhere beyond the limitations of the four dimensions, we exist in a timelessness, this is our nature and this is what I believe we are here to discover.

“When we interact with the Reconnective Healing spectrum of energy, light and information, we simply feel, we become aware, we don’t do anything, we listen more actively, we feel this and as we do, we vibrate at that level and as we interact with the person we’re working with, something inside of them wakes up to that awareness, and they say, ‘hey this is me vibrating healthy, this is me vibrating naturally, I think I’ll do it again’ and as they return to that level of vibration and light, the densities in their field including health challenges as well as mental, emotion, spiritual, relationship, career challenges, fall away as is appropriate for that person. We don’t force the healing, you don’t create or say ‘this will be the healing that will happen’ we don’t know what’s right for that person. Healing isn’t about treating symptoms; healing is about allowing a person to vibrate at a higher state of balance, a higher state of light and as they return to their level of their vibration at that light, then their imbalances pretty much fall away.”

TP: Are there any conditions you haven’t been able to heal with RH?

EP: “I’ve come to the point where I recognise that nothing is beyond the reach of Reconnective Healing. I’ve seen holes in people’s bodies the size of a pencil eraser completely heal overnight like it had never been there even though it’d been there for nine or 10 years. I’ve seen people with surgical pins in their arms that couldn’t raise their arm and within an instant, have full range of motion. There is nothing that this is beyond the reach of this but we have to realise again that it’s not the health challenge that has the healing, it’s the individual. Therefore, three people can come to see you once you learn this work, with the same diagnosis and the same symptoms but they might receive three different sets of results depending on what was appropriate for each of those people on their life course at that moment. Some of us may choose our illnesses to get love. We often think about people going through a specific illness or health challenge for their lessons but we don’t always stop and think that they may very well have made that selection as well for the lessons of those close to them, their families, their caretakers, their children. There are so many intricacies. If you learn this work on a professional level, when people make an appointment, you tell them the truth from the beginning. ‘Just like with a medical doctor, I can’t tell you if your healing will happen 100, 50 or 25 per cent. Whether it’ll happen right away, whether it’ll happen later, whether you’ll even notice anything at all. All I can tell you is that, unlike your medical doctor, I can promise you that you won’t get worse from this so if that’s alright with you I’m happy to schedule you in for an appointment 2.15pm on Thursday…”

Reference: German physicist Dr. Albert-Popp has conducted research that confirms the existence of biophotons; particles of light, with no mass, transmit information within and between cells. His work shows that DNA in a living cell stores and releases photons creating “biophotonic emissions” that may hold the key to illness and health.



Answers in brief from Dr. Eric Pearl to some of the burning questions about Reconnective Healing…

Why have you stopped personally healing others?

EP: “When I was doing healing sessions, no one would go to anyone else because they thought I was the best so it became my responsibility to take myself off the market so people realise they are going to have to go to someone else to learn this work and in that there is the empowerment.”

Do you heal yourself daily, weekly…?

EP: “No, it’s not about a dependency. You don’t need to have healing after healing after healing… I do like to allow myself to drift off at night sometimes and feel the frequencies that vibrate, I have that vibratory feeling, float off, it’s like bathing in the healing frequencies but it’s a different consciousness from ‘now I’m going to do a self-healing’. On the truest level, healing is not just for regaining use of your arm or leg or liver or vision… healing is, I believe, the next level of human evolution.”

You say you’re here to bring through light, energy and information that have not previously been available on the planet. Who has given them to us?

EP: “Who is giving them? Who is giving everything? God. Love. The intelligence of the universe… by whatever name we choose to call that but part of that is that as time is expanding, this is part of our growth, our human experience, to allow us to better understand the universal, spiritual beings of love that we are inside.”

Are all RH practitioners equally able?
EP: “When people ask, ‘how can I find the best Reconnective Healing practitioners, the ones who are pulling it through the fullest and most powerfully?’ The only thing I can tell you is that, like a straw, every straw will bring the drink through equally well to the degree that the straw isn’t clogged. Therefore look at the websites of the people doing Reconnective Healing. If they’re doing it as well as doing this technique and that technique, then they are reducing it. You need to go to someone who has stepped into the self-secure position, the understanding of saying, ‘I am now more than abundantly enough to release techniques.’ Go to someone who has left their techniques behind because they are really truly bringing through the higher stuff.”

Did you need special permissions to offer Reconnective Healing in the UAE?
EP: “I know a lot of good and important people there [in the UAE], which is nice. So all of those things have been worked out and handled by my office. I believe that the consciousness is expanding, I know it is from the people that I’ve spoken to in higher positions there, they’re excited to bring this forward. You have an amazing Government with phenomenal people in it who want to bring this change and I am honoured to be invited.”


In November 2015, Dr. Eric Pearl and his team are in Dubai to hold the first ever Reconnective Healing seminars in the Middle East. Here’s what you can expect if you attend the two or four day seminars.

“The opening night of the seminar, I’ll give a three hour presentation and talk about the history and the science and we’ll bring up volunteers for healings, we’ll let you feel this energy in the hands and we’ll teach you to work with it. The next two days is when we’ll teach you to do this on a personal level for yourself and loved ones. You’ll stand at the head of a massage table and the teaching assistants and I will take your hands and we’ll show you how to feel and find these frequencies and how to play with them.

As you do, you’ll start to witness with your own eyes, the person on that table, their fingers start to go into involuntary movement or their arm will jump, the leg will kick, you’ll see their eyes dart back and forth, their colouring and breathing changes and then you’ll swap places to experience it for yourself and they get to practice it on you.

The first couple of days doesn’t make you a professional. It’s the final two days when we teach you nuances and how to enhance it. There is an interaction with these frequencies that entrains you to vibrate at that level. It’s an activation in a sense, although I hate to sound Star Trekky about it. You’re like a teabag steeping in a pot. There’s a transformation that takes place within you.”

To book on the two or four day Reconnective Healing workshops, go to Costs are as follows: Level I and II Combo: $1428; Level I: $639; Level II: $789


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