Tried & tested: Colour Harmony Holistic Experience

Colour and aromatherapy combine to make this colour harmonising massage and facial combo at Spadunya Club one of the most feel-good, rejuvenating spa treatments you’ll ever have. Review byAnne Brison.


Warning. This review may contain gratuitous gushing. I generally frown upon overuse of terms like ‘amazing’, ‘sublime’ and ‘blissful’ but I am now in danger of extreme gushing.

This afternoon I went along to Spadunya Club on The Walk at Jumeirah Beach Residences to try out their signature treatment, a 90-minute massage and facial called the Colour Harmonising Holistic Experience.

It was… let me recall the technical terminology… ah yes, it was ‘absolutely a-freaking-mazing’. Having worked in the world of glossy magazines for many years now, I’ve been massaged and pampered at some of the best spas in the world. If I’ve had a massage and facial better than the one I had at Spadunya today, I don’t remember it.


It all started with a personal colour consultation with my therapist Evangeline. Basically, you’re shown 14 of the organic Altearah Bio colour swatches and you choose the four colours that first attract your eye. This process accesses your subconscious and gives the therapist clues about what you need for mind and body balance. The vibration of the colours chosen, as well as their corresponding aromas, match the vibration of your body and emotions.

The first colour picked indicates what you need at that moment; the second colour reveals your deeper wellness need while the third colour shows what will help achieve that. The final colour indicates your future direction.

Evangeline had my file notes and, spookily, the last time I had a colour consultation at Spadunya was the exact same date and month two years earlier. More spookily, the first three colours I chose were exactly the same as two years earlier, namely green, turquoise, and blue.

“This shows you still really need more peace and serenity in your life,” said Evangeline, which is what turquoise and blue represent. Armed with this information about my mental and emotional state, Evangeline incorporated my chosen colours into the massage and facial treatment through the addition of scents and serums into the massage oils.


The next 90 minutes or so were a transcendent blur of, yes, I’m going to say it… bliss. You can always tell when a massage therapist really knows what they’re doing. A masseuse or masseur who understands the way muscles attach to joints and bones as well as how to manipulate the different directions and textures of muscle fibre is worlds apart from one who just rubs your body without any real idea of body and mind health. Evangeline knew what she was doing; she found the knots in my muscles and gently worked them out. I could almost hear my body purring beneath her skillful fingers particularly when she worked on my head and neck. There is something incredibly pleasurable about someone doing something as simple as holding the weight of your head and gently stretching your cervical spine.

Then came the mini-facial using organic oils and serums such as the Fleur de Bach anti-stress cleanser, scrub and mask together with Altearah Bio serums for facial massage. The process involves hot towels to open pores before cleansing, scrubbing, a mask and moisturisers.

The gentle pressure of the massage along with essential oils applied on reflex points improves blood circulation and leaves you with a glowing complexion and relaxed body.

All up, it left me feeling amazing and rejuvenated. As well, I thought I looked a hundred times better walking out of Spadunya than I had when I walked in a couple of hours earlier thanks to brighter eyes and tighter, smoother skin. To keep a more peaceful frame of mind, I bought a bottle of the turquoise Altearah Bio perfume to spray into my palms and inhale every day.

The Colour Harmonising Holistic Experience is a signature treatment at Spadunya Club. A session lasts 90 minutes and costs AED 585.

To book a treatment for yourself or a friend, call Spadunya Club on 04 439 3669, email The location is Shams 1, plaza level, The Walk at JBR, Dubai, UAE. 

Other treatments at Spadunya Club include beauty care such as hair, nails, waxing and threading; body therapy including wraps, facials, massages, lymphatic drainage, reflexology; back and spine care such as the Dorn Method; Hammam experience; water therapy, and weight-loss therapy, which includes mesotherapy slimming, sauna pants for butt and body reshaping, and Endermologie lipomassage.


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