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Do you believe in Angels? Angel guidance is available to every one, and is just one of the ways in which the Universe communicates its Divine Advice. Delna Anand explains.

We’ve all heard of narrow escapes, close calls, out-of-the-blue meetings, and sudden career-defining ideas. What would you attribute this to? Good fortune? Fluke? Destiny? How about this – maybe there is someone who’s actually looking out for you? An Angel, perhaps? Ok, so I may get a few raised eyebrows right now, but you’d be surprised at the growing number of people in the world today who believe that we all are being guided and watched over by Angels. Angels are simply messengers of the Universe’s infinite love and wisdom. The world is shifting and our old consciousness is slowly crumbling, making way for the new light to seep through. We are even beginning to hear from prominent people in the fields of science, medicine, philosophy and even business who say that there really is more consciousness to be accessed and to tune into than just our strict intellectual dialogue.

But in this age of dramatic distraction however, we sometimes allow ourselves to get lost in the constant bombardment of emails, What’sApp messages and social media notifications that scream for our attention. We dodge our ability to seek inner wisdom and divine guidance. Our thoughts constantly bestrew between a million things, leaving us no opportunity to create a deeper connection.

But Angel guidance is available to every one, and is just one of the ways in which the Universe communicates its Divine Advice. Angels are peaceful, un-harming and forever willing to guide, assist and intercede, when asked. They are the common denominator in many faiths. Right from our childhood, we have believed in fairies, leprechauns and angels, at a time when our minds were free from judgment and ideologies. Angels are divine messengers that deliver guidance in all practices. So you needn’t be fearful of seeking guidance from them.

One of the most powerful messages they bring us is that we are never alone, help is always available and all we need to do is – ask! So if you feel stuck, or need to release a past issue, a negative repeating pattern with work, your finances, relationships or health, or if you are confused about a present cloudy situation, maybe its time to seek some angel love.

And there are a few ways to do so – one is through yoga and meditation, and the other is through an Angel Card Reader. Like a scientist testing a hypothesis, take this experiment and see which one works for you. But in both methods, the key ingredient is – an open mind!

Even if you have never meditated in your life, you could do so now, by sitting a place where you won’t be disturbed for a few minutes, and close your eyes. When you want guidance, take a deep breath and on exhaling, make the sound “HA” as it opens the heart. With a couple of breaths, you can literally feel the heart and throat opening. If your thoughts jump into the past or the future, notice that and come back to your breath. Then put your hand on your heart and ask your question. Be ‘open’ to receiving guidance, and stay in stillness to feel guided. The message may come as intuition or a sign – a song you hear on the radio perhaps, or a book, a friend calling – it could be anything, keep your mind open! Couple it with real-life practical research and act upon it. You will see changes.

The other way to seek guidance is through an Angel Card Reader. Angel Cards are not like Tarot Cards, they are Oracle Cards made using the ancient Pythagorean Theories of Mathematics, and they carry beautifully positive, uplifting and constructive messages to help you understand your concerns and the reasons behind them. And here’s how it works – You sit with an Angel Card Reader, quiet your mind, breathe, and ask your angels to talk to those of the Angel Card Reader, who in turn will feel the energy and intuit the messages that come, using the cards as a tool. The Cards act merely as a tool and are not to be treated as magical or future determining. The messages will have a personal translation into your life situation, and guidance on how you can better it.

It may be fun to try this experiment a try. You may end up making yourself a whole lot happier and more peaceful in the process!


Based in Dubai, Delna Anand is a certified yoga teacher specialising in meditation and healing. She writes for a popular television show, “The Uma Show” on MTV India and Colors TV, as well as a yoga column for an online magazine ( 

If you’re interested in getting an angel card reading, here are some options:

Dubai, UAE
Leena Abbas is a Dubai-based Angel Intuitive and Card Reader certified by Doreen Virtue. She offers detailed readings sent via email and various one-on-one angel healing sessions and workshops. For more information and to request a reading, please email:

Mumbai, India
A Mumbai-based angel card reader offers sessions either in person or via Skype as long as the client is comfortably seated and has privacy. If you have any questions, or would like to book an appointment, send an e-mail to:

Angels are God’s messengers (known so in most religions), so their task is to deliver Divine messages.
We all have at least one Guardian Angel assigned to us from the time we are born. Treat your guardian angel(s) as your best friend(s) and involve them in your daily life by asking for for guidance, support and protection.
Angel cards work on the law of attraction, so you can’t go wrong with cards that you pick yourself from a deck of cards or when cards are picked for you in a card reading, as these cards are meant to be for you.
Angel card readings work either face-to-face or most of the time, nowadays, thanks to technology, they are done remotely, by connecting to the person’s energy and angels.


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