Distance healing: Scam or science?

Einstein described it as ‘spooky action at a distance’. Can someone heal someone despite not being in the same room – or even in the same country? Economist turned healer and author Evelyn Brodie investigates distance healing. 

It is common these days to find energy healers advertising distance healing to people that are unable to attend a therapist in person. Skeptics have frequently been dismissed such claims as impossible and hence fraudulent. Even those making them could only ask for clients’ trust, without being able to provide any logical or scientific explanation.

In the last few years however, new discoveries from quantum mechanics have validated the existence of ‘non-locality’ as it’s called at the microcosmic level and a plethora of scientific analyses of distance healing have verified its veracity at the macrocosmic level.

Quantum mechanics and the holographic universe
One of the reasons that these discoveries are not better known is that the maths is hard and the conclusions fly in the face of our everyday experience of ‘reality’. Professor Richard Feynman, a pioneer of quantum mechanics who won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1965, is quoted as stating, ‘I think I can safely say that nobody understands quantum mechanics.’ Even Albert Einstein, the father of general relativity theory, denounced quantum physics as a flawed theory in 1935, saying it inferred bizarre and nonsensical concepts such as ‘spooky action at a distance’, whereby particles could somehow ‘communicate’ instantaneously with each other over vast distances. This seemed to contradict Einstein’s theory that nothing could travel faster than light; hence he concluded that quantum physics had to be wrong.

In the last few decades however, some of the most modern and technologically advanced experiments conducted in linear accelerators have proved Einstein wrong and quantum physics correct.

Simplistically, if you split a particle and put one part say in the Stanford Linear Accelerator and the other part in the CERN facility, then when you change the direction of spin on one part of the particle, the other part also, simultaneously, changes direction. That is the demonstrated fact of non-locality. But how does the one half know what its other half is doing? The answer seems to be some sort of energetic entanglement at the quantum level with an omniscient and omnipresent field of information which is ‘just there’.

A metaphor that was coined by Professor David Bohm is that of the ‘holographic universe’. If a hologram is smashed into millions of pieces, each piece contains the whole picture but from a different perspective. This holographic universe or entangled field of information is now being given many names by different branches of science and medicine, such as the knowing field, the info-realm, the collective consciousness, the Akashic field. Metaphysically it has traditionally been called God or Brahman or Allah.

Non-locality finally starts to explain how each one of us as a piece of the holographic universe is capable of accessing all the information that exists ‘out there’ so long as our brains can ‘tune in’ at the right frequency, just as you need a light source vibrating at the right frequency to read a hologram.

Dr. Larry Dossey in the USA describes three eras of healing. Era I is the now old-fashioned Western model which believes the body is simply a mechanism and the only solutions are physical or pharmacological.

Era II, which is gradually becoming the accepted norm, derives from the work of psycho-neuroimmunologists and euroscientists and admits there is memory in cells throughout the body, not just in the brain. It accepts the psychosomatic effects of one’s
own consciousness on one’s own body. This allows us to have a highly significant influence over our physical and emotional health through our thoughts and beliefs.

Era III is where the mind is described as ‘non-local’ and unconfined by either space or time. It recognises that our non-local mind may affect healing both within and between people. Non-contact and distance healing become possible with non-local mind, as do healings backwards and forwards in time (for instance working with past lives or the ancestors).


Just as linear accelerators have proven the existence of non-locality at the quantum level, Dossey and others have been working to collect the evidence that proves the existence of non- locality at the mind level.

In Healing Beyond the Body, he reports the results of many meta analyses of Era III medicines. For instance, studies conducted over two decades at the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research Laboratory show that non-local awareness operates through time as well as through space, showing odds against chance of one hundred billion to one that mentally sent images chosen at random from a computer data bank, are actually perceived by the ‘receiver’ precognitively up to several days before being sent and before being selected by the computer.

The Soul Medicine Institute has set up the first international database of energy psychology case histories. It is peer reviewed and conforms to the Consort Standards and the Standards of the National Institutes of Health. In a book based on the results reported
to the Institute, Dawson Church and Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D. document over one hundred scientific studies, and dozens of medically verified ‘miraculous’ cures, that demonstrate the power of thought, prayer and belief.

Hundreds more similar reports are now available and the bibliography to my book [see author box out]lists a number of useful sources of this research.


For most people, accessing the info- realm is most easily achieved through experiences such as meditation or plant medicines. And access brings us new ways of healing ourselves, physically and emotionally, giving us much greater control over our own health and destinies than many of us have been conditioned to believe.

Many healers are also able to access the info-realm and this work outside conventional space and time is what the traditional shamans have been doing for centuries. One interesting observation that emerged from the work of Robert Beck as far back as the 1960s, is that healers’ brains appear to operate in a particular electromagnetic frequency range which is in alignment with the frequency of the Earth’s magnetic field. Church reports Beck’s work as follows. ‘The Earth resonates at an average frequency of 7.8Hz, while the dominant brainwave frequency of sensitives, such as shamans and healers, comes close to 7.83Hz, and may, at times, beat in phase with the Earth’s signal, thereby causing harmonic resonance… They appear to be tapping into a universal frequency that is implicated in healing, and is effective regardless of the belief structure of the healer.’

So distance healing seems to involve the healer entering into an altered state of consciousness that allows access
to the info-realm and connection or entanglement with the client through that universal energy field. Just because distance healing can work of course doesn’t imply it always will work. As with attending a healer in person it is essential to pick someone that you resonate with. Neuroscience tells us that mirroring the neuronal pathways of a grounded and empathic therapist is one of the keys to helping traumatised clients, so the client- therapist relationship is crucial whether in person or at a distance – but that is a topic for another time!


Evelyn Brodie works in London, UK, as a shaman, a Reiki Master and a craniosacral therapist, helping clients to release trauma, stress, depression, physical illness and limiting beliefs. Previously she was an economist, financial broadcast journalist working for the BBC, Sky News, CNBC and Bloomberg, and executive communications consultant. She tells the full story of this u-turn in her beliefs and way of living in her book, ‘Corporate Bitch to Shaman – A journey uncovering the links between 21st century science, consciousness and the ancient healing practices’. 


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