Juice fasting in Thailand

Detox expert Malcolm Slyper describes his 10-day Juice fast detox in Thailand – this one is not for beginners. 


I am often asked for ideas on how to do an inexpensive detox trip to a lush tropical island location away from the bustle of city life. So I decided to share a recent detox and juice fasting experience of my own. I’ve explained all and included various hints, tips and ideas to use in your own detox efforts but bear in mind that I have extensive experience in detox and fasting and the regime I undertook is not for beginners.

Having said that, the world offers a range of detox experiences from the mild to the more extreme with everything in-between, so why not escape to somewhere quiet and beautiful to undergo a detox that suits your body and health goals.

I personally like to be somewhere exquisite where I can relax into a juice fast detox. This means I can kick back and know with certainty that I am tapping into the most powerful innate healing ability that’s wired into each and every one of us.

I do this fast once or twice a year. Most recently, I chose a remote part of rural Thailand near Koh Samui Island in Southern Thailand on the Bay of Bangkok.

I needed a quiet place where I would have access to fresh juices and daily Thai massage to assist with moving the stirred up toxins out of the body. Thai Massage is exceptional as an aid to fasting in that it helps move the stagnant lymphatic system; it also balances and harmonises the human energy field. When done by a talented practitioner the results are nothing short of spectacular. Past experience has shown me that 90-minute massages are most beneficial.

I also needed a place where I had access to a form of energy healing to assist with the mental, emotional and spiritual balancing potential to which the fast would give me access. For me, this person is Jet Lei, one of the most talented energy healers that I have ever met. Jet grew up in a monastery in Tibet and in his early twenties he was schooled in certain healing arts. He later learnt chiropractic at a Beijing School of Martial Arts.

Happily for me, Jet’s partner Chai is an excellent Thai masseuse and together they live on the mainland side of the Bay of Bangkok so it was a no brainer that I chose this paradise location as my base for my 10-day juice fast detox.


I rented a single bedroom beach house with kitchen and sitting room for 1,300 Thai Baht (AED 145) per night. It was located 50 metres from the beach.

Ideally I would set out to do a 10 day orange juice fast. However on this occasion, oranges were in short supply so I chose pineapple. All fruit are effective cleansers. Jet Lei still had the Vitamix juicer that I’d brought a couple of years earlier so he dusted that off and presented it back to me.

Then it was time to bring in the supplies. A visit to the local market secured several kilograms of fresh sweet Thai pineapple. Pineapples cost 20 baht each (AED 2.5). Pineapple is slightly sweeter than orange and thus needs to be watered down more. As a result I’d be using quarter pineapple juice to a glass of water.

Pineapple has a herbal history of extracting lead and metals from the body. A study conducted showed that population groups consuming high amounts of pineapple had lower lead levels. The daily regime calls for a glass of diluted juice every hour, with as much water in between as one wishes to consume. I’d also be drinking coconut water in between the juices to stay hydrated.

I would occasionally substitute the glasses of water for an occasional coconut. The Thai coconuts contain clear white coconut water that is rich in both minerals and electrolytes. The ideal means to support any juice fast. A friend of Jet’s agreed to pull down twenty fresh coconuts from a nearby coconut tree.

There is one law that should not be broken whilst fasting: The bowels must expel daily regardless if you have not eaten for several weeks.

So, to ensure that my bowels would move on a daily basis, I carried a 10-day supply of the Lower Bowel Formulae, abbreviated as LBB. It’s a remarkable formula originally designed to assist those fasting. It contains Cascara Sagrada Bark, Barberry Bark, Cayenne Pepper, Ginger Root, Lobelia Herb, Red Raspberry Leaves, Turkey Rhubarb Root, Fennel Seeds & Goldenseal
Root, it is available for purchase at

The LBB is a brilliant fasting aid and this formula means I can pick a remote location for fasting without access to any pricey colon hydrotherapy equipment or services. The LBB formula is remarkable at cleaning out old waste stored deep within the small and large intestine.

Having fasted extensively over the years, and also having done routine maintenance on myself throughout the preceding months, there was no real need for me to do a formal pre cleanse prior to starting the fast. It was already done, and I was good to go.


My approach to fasting is to use the preceding months to do a series of pre cleanses, whilst adjusting the diet to a healthier approach before embarking upon the fast. This method ensures a deeper fast yet an entirely uneventful and drama-free experience.

Thanks to my previous liver cleanse efforts, I knew for a fact that my liver was stone-free and in top condition
so it was ready swiftly to carry out any toxins released during the cleanse.

I had used the Advanced Parasite cleanse (PWA and PWE, also available at over the preceding months to take care of any residual parasite aspects. I had in addition done several months of kidney cleanse, six weeks on and six weeks off using a formula that dissolves any residual burden on the kidneys and leave my kidneys working more efficiently, so I knew my kidneys were in good shape to support the fast.

I believe that the key to an uneventful and easy fast is to have all the organs of elimination open and working as well as to be parasite-free.

I usually start my fast a day or two before leaving home, so that when I hit the road in Thailand I am already well into day two or three of the fast.

Thanks to the prior preparation, the first few days of the cleanse were a non-event. I experienced zero hunger or urges at any stage in the fast.

By the third day, the body’s innate wisdom realises that the intake of food has stopped and it switches into house cleaning mode. Over the next few days, the inner wisdom goes about cleaning out toxins, accumulated debris, and a whole bunch of ‘mud’. Each day this would be eliminated thanks to the bowel formulae.


Days pass quickly. I spend my mornings swimming in the clear tropical waters, taking long walks on the beach, having a daily skin brush whilst soaking up the sun, as well as a daily Thai massage and the labour of blending and straining my own juice.

In the afternoons, I study Siezhen Energy healing with Jet Lei followed by an hour of Vipassana meditation.

By the seventh day I’m feeling the rejuvenating effects of the fast kicking in. The stress and accumulated impressions of my last few months are now forgotten. My body is healing and rejuvenating at record speed.

The seventh day is my last day of the juice fast and for the final three days I would eat whole fruit only as a transition off the fast and return to a normal eating regime.

Ending the fast successfully is considerably harder than doing the fast. It’s so easy to undo all the good benefits of the fast by a thoughtless meal in the spur of the moment.

The benefits have been great. I awaken fresh and naturally at day break each day. My mind is crystal clear; my meditations are clear and focused.

I could easily have continued on past seven days, but the need to get back to real life and the demands thereof are calling me back to Dubai.

The results available to us from as little as seven to 14 days of fasting can be miraculous.

It’s no wonder that many religious, mystical and spiritual disciplines call for a forty-day fast. Sadly this given way to the modern quick-fix approach of treating symptoms instead of getting to the cause of the human diseased condition.

It is my hope that my experience may inspire you to plan your own personal maintenance time.

MALCOLM SLYPER is the founder of Art of Detox, for more information on detoxing and fasting trips, go to 



The orange juice method of fasting was originally made famous by Dr. William Hay (1869-1940). A prominent New York surgeon, many years of living the high life had left Dr. Hay excessively overweight and with conditions including kidney disease, high blood pressure and a dilated heart. Having run out of ideas, he turned to nature in a desperate attempt to resolve his situation. His success was modeled on the old orange juice doctors of the late 1800s.

His method was simple, entirely natural and cost virtually nothing. Within fourteen days he had turned his health around.

The result of his efforts was a complete remission of symptoms and within three months he had reduced his weight from 225lbs (100kg) to 175lbs (80kg).

So inspired by his results, he then laid down his surgical knife and drugs approach to medicine, and for the next 23 years, used juice fasting to help cure 63,000 patients from around the world with this almost zero cost method.

He believed that there was not a disease that the fast couldn’t empower the body to heal. He also went on to found the Hay method of food combining.


Juice fasting in Thailand


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