Spa review Altearah Wellbeing Facial

Aspen Aman tries and tests the Altearah Wellbeing Facial at SpaDunya Club in Shams, JBR, Dubai.

When I was asked to review the Altearah Wellbeing Facial, I was intrigued. A facial that uses colour therapy – wonderful! I am fascinated by how the vibrations of different colours impact mood, health and wellbeing.

As with all of SpaDunya’s treatments, this facial started out with the colour therapy consultation. Colour therapist Karima Nanji asked me to select four colours from the set of 14 therapeutic hues in the Altearah set. She explained that the first colour reflects the colour vibration that one needs today; the second represents a significant block or deficit that must be addressed; the third colour augments the second colour; and the fourth colour signifies the vibration or energy that one is moving toward. The colours I chose – gold, emerald, indigo and orange – turned out to be major components in the Wellbeing facial – so I was very happy to be getting the colour therapy in addition to the facial!

Yupin, the facial therapist, settled me on a lovely treatment bed complete with a back warmer. I especially appreciated this extra touch, as I tend to get very cold in massage or other beauty treatment rooms. Yupin started by spraying each of the four colours individually on to my palms and asking me to inhale each colour three times. This introduces both the fragrance and energy of the unique essential oil blend as well as the colour’s specific vibration directly into the body.

Ambient music and soft lighting, combined with Yupin’s skillful facial massage, quickly sent me into a blissful, semi-sleeping state. Yupin cleansed, massaged and moisturised my face and neck. The fragrant lotions used in the Wellbeing Facial are infused with serums of the four colours: silver, emerald, indigo and orange. Silver is for repair/reconstruction; emerald for oxygen/breath; indigo for relaxation, clarity and sleep, and orange for creativity and sensuality. The serums used in the facial are five times stronger than the sprays used at the beginning of the session, so the vibration of each colour is a key part of the facial.

Another unique aspect of my facialwas the therapist’s use of Vietnamese facial reflexology, which associates various parts of the face to organ systems within the body. Yupin applied gentle and then slightly stronger pressure to specific reflexology points on my face with special instruments known as Dien Chan tools. I felt soft but powerful surges of energy within various parts of my body as Yupin did the reflexology with the Dien Chan tools. I felt that the reflexology was stimulating various energy channels as Yupin accessed different pressure points on my face.

After Yupin finished the initial massage and cleansing parts of the treatment, she applied a light but very moisturising mask to my face and neck. While the moisturising mask absorbed into my skin, Yupin treated me to a Thai-style massage of my head, neck, arms and legs that relaxed me even further.

The combination of the aroma and colour therapies of the essential oils, the Dien Chan facial reflexology and the natural cleansers and moisturisers left my skin glowing and soft. I left SpaDunya feeling – and looking – radiant and refreshed. I’ll definitely be back for more!


The Altearah Wellbeing Facial is a 60 or 90 minute treatment, AED 395 or AED 584 (prices valid as of July 2013). SpaDunya recommends a series of five Altearah Wellbeing Facials at two-week intervals for best results. If you enjoy your facial and recommend it to your friend, SpaDunya’s referral offer gets you and your friend a 20 per cent discount.

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Spa review Altearah Bio Wellbeing facial by Aspen Aman


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