Master the Law of Attraction


Call it positive thinking, cosmic ordering or the Secret, the law of attraction seems to be everywhere. But what is it?  The law of attraction is the notion that one attracts to themselves that which they keep in the forefront of their minds; if your thoughts are mostly positive, then you will get positive results, if it’s negative, then you can expect its physical equivalent. It’s like these universal creations are sat in a pot, waiting to be experienced by you, bit by bit.

But isn’t that just Fate?
Yes and no. There are a handful of experiences that are decided upon before birth, such as ones parents which gives us all the individual trajectory we have chosen for this particular incarnation, however, the majority of life experiences are created as we go along using the law of attraction.

How do I use The Law of Attraction?

Most people are creating by default because they are unaware of this law. So they observe “what is” and continue to get more of “what is” because that is what they have in the forefront of their minds. However, for those who want to be conscious creators, they mustlearn keep in mind those experiences that they want to create as if they already exist and soon enough, the mental image is projected as a physical manifestation.

How does the Tarot reading help?

As a Psychic and Astrologer, I use my abilities to peek into that universal pot before its been experienced by my clients and let them know what is on the way.

Personality Archetypes – Combined Astrology
The date of birth of the client and time, if available, tells me which archetypal personality I have before me using combined astrology methods of Chinese and Western astrology. See my books, Secrets of the Combined Astrology and The Combined Astrology Series for the 144 individual combined astrology personality books.

Situational Archetypes
Laying out the tarot cards, I am given the archetypal situations that the client has experienced, is currently experiencing and what is in that universal pot, waiting to come to them in the short term and long term future. If what’s coming is positive, then no adjustments are needed. However, if they are negative experiences that the client wants to avoid and turn into something positive, then some energy shifting is necessary around those specific topics. If someone wants to attract something specific into their lives, then some guided energy shifting can be recommended for that also.

How do I shift my energy?
There are a variety of ways; my favorite is meditation. Meditation is my medication of choice. I give the client specific meditations to suit their situation and I recommend that they listen to them every night for 30 days. In addition, positive affirmations, visualizations, appreciation and belief bulldozing also help. See below.


Affirmations are statements that assert that you already have or already are something that you are aspiring to. They can be said or written as long as they are repeated frequently and with feeling with the ultimate aim of convincing yourself that they are true. Once you do, the universal power makes them true with little effort. Affirmations are helpful because they obliterate limiting beliefs that may be preventing your dream from manifesting. For example, I am worthy of my dream car and I deserve to have the best of everything in my life.

Visualizations are visual affirmations. You imagine yourself amidst the perfect circumstances or you imagine the perfect circumstances around you. Believe you already have that promotion or walk into the garage and imagine the car of your dreams is there. Allow these visualizations to evoke feelings of excitement within you. The more often you do them, the faster your dream will come to you.

Having an attitude of gratitude pays dividends because you are always in a positive frame of mind. The feeling you get when you are grateful for something is the same feeling you have when you are full of love, so when you are in a state of appreciation, you are attracting love towards you at all times. Cultivate an attitude of gratitude.

Belief Bulldozing
Belief bulldozing is a good technique for those who are very rationally minded as it uses logic to remove mental blocks that may be preventing your desired manifestations. They can be written or verbalized, whatever is more useful to you. You start by stating the current limiting belief as yourself and you play devils advocate as the Universe disassembling the legitimacy of your limiting belief reducing its influence until it disappears altogether.
For example:
CLIENT: I will never earn more than
UNIVERSE: Why not?
CLIENT: Because I am already at the top of
my pay bracket and this is all I’m trained
to do?
UNIVERSE: Is that really true?
CLIENT: It’s all I’ve ever done and I’m in the
best paying company for what we do so yes
it’s true.
UNIVERSE: So the skills you have cannot be
transferred to another occupation?
CLIENT: Not really?
UNIVERSE: Not really?
CLIENT: Well they could but it would mean
dropping a level in salary initially and then I
would have to work my way up again but that
might take years.
UNIVERSE: Or you could spend those same
years working in your current job earning
£26,000 a year.
CLIENT: I can’t change job now I’m too old.
UNIVERSE: Then you are choosing your
CLIENT: I have responsibilities. What
do you want me to do? Put myself into
UNIVERSE: If that’s what it takes to get
what you want, are you prepared to take the
CLIENT: I guess so.
UNIVERSE: Then you know what to do?
CLIENT: But what if I fail?
UNIVERSE: There is no such thing as failure
there are only obstacles that will need to be overcome. If you do what it takes, you cannot possibly fail. Believe in yourself.
CLIENT: Okay. Wish me luck.
UNIVERSE: Good luck.

Whether you are aware of it or not, the law of attraction is always at work and you are constantly attracting into your life the essence of the vibration your thoughts and feelings emit. Remember to focus your energy on what you do want instead of what you do not want. Commit to living in a world of your own creation and commit to taking action to create it when the opportunity presents itself. When you feel good, the law is working in your favor, when you feel bad, you know some energy-shifting is in order.


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