Breathing is our superpower.


”One conscious breath in and out is a meditation’‘ – E. Tolle

Around 10 years ago the word spread in Buenos Aires that a renowned master from India would come to town. The purpose of his visit was to teach people how to… breathe! I still remember how ridiculous and funny the concept sounded to me: “How can somebody teach me how to breathe? I surely know how to do that, I’ve been practicing continuously since birth!”

With time and study, I came to understand the invisible and powerful role breath has if we are to lead empowered, conscious, stress free lives. According to Dan Brulé, an international Breathwork Master whom I was fortunate enough to meet, 70% of the toxins in our body are released through breathing. Yes, this means that taking long, deep breaths as often as we can is more detoxing than any green smoothie! Taking long deep breaths not only helps us detox physically, but also brings clarity of mind, releases anxiety, helps fight depression and improves our capacity to make conscious decisions.

The way we breath determines the way our mind and body feels. Shallow breaths are a sign of anxiety and puts our body in a fight or flight mode. Taking deep breaths when we find ourselves in such situations has the power to bring ourselves back to a balanced, relaxed state.

The ancient science of yoga has known and taught this for millennia: the air we breath is our main life force energy (prana) and through controlling and extending our breath, we are controlling and extending our lives. The longer our breathe is, the longer is our lifespan.

To consciously make an effort to bring our awareness back to the gift of each breath should be regarded as the most important daily practice if we are serious about increasing our spiritual awareness and wellbeing. Conscious long breaths not only keeps us young, stress free and balanced but also brings us in sync with the present moment, the only real space where reality happens, the space where gratitude for being alive is the secret power that fuels our every thought and action.




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