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Based in Abu Dhabi, Carola Becker is a Advance ANGEL LIFE COACH(R) and owner of Crystals’ Energy, a spiritual center and gift shop.
What can she do for you? In order to help you to grow and let go of your problems and emotional blockages that hinder you in having a happy and balanced life, Carola uses the following techniques in her sessions:

  • Angel Card Readings for clarification of your possibilities in the present
  • Emotional Balance with Angels (based on EB of Dr. Roy Martina) to release problems and trauma on a physical Level
  • Shadow Integration – an effective tool to come in peace with your shadow aspects
  • Shadow Process Karma and Trauma healing with Angels to let go of problems and blockages on a deep emotional and spiritual Level
  • Angel Trance Coaching for reprogramming your subsconscious mind

How can you find Carola?
Please write to with your requests. She will answer as soon as possible to give you more information about the sessions as well as a pricing schedule. Carola gives all sessions personally face to face or via Skype. 

Carola is certified by international ANGEL LIFE COACH ® Trainer Isabelle von Fallois. She also offers Angel Readings, Emotional Balance with Angels, as well as meridian tapping. Furthermore, she is an Advanced Angelcard Reader ™ certified by Doreen Virtue and can give angel card readings via Skype or face to face.

Through her company, Crystals’ Energy, Carola also offers:

  • Aura sprays made of gemstones, Bach flowers, flowers, spring water
  • Essences made of flowers and spring water
  • Organic Herbal Candles
  • Waterbars made of Fairtrade Gemstones
  • Gemstone fountains
  • Gemstone lamps
  • Incense sticks
  • Jewellery ( Necklace, Bracklet, Pendants a.m.)
  • Singing Bowls
  • Feng Shui Crystals and more

For more information on ANGEL LIFE COACH ® Training with Isabelle von Fallois, go to her website:

Email Address
Phone number +971 50 613 0911


Atlantean Healing™ is a high vibrating energy that was used in the healing temples of Atlantis. Sessions are designed to balance the energy field as Atlanteans believed disease was a manifestation of the imbalance in the energy field. I also focus on listening to the body and its messages to find out the root causes of conditions. The energy is very high vibrational and powerful, yet it feels gentle when receiving it.
LOCATION Jumeirah 1
TEL (055) 9288477

Email Address
Phone number (055) 9288477


To book or enquire:
Mobile: + 971 55 947 3697

Evelin Novikova sm

Email Address
Phone number +971 55 947 3697


ThetaHealing® is the world’s fastest growing healing modality that helps you remove your subconscious blocks allowing you to create instantaneous physical, mental, emotional & spiritual healing. ThetaHealing® is best known for the belief and feeling work, that empowers people with the ability to remove negative thoughts, emotions, feelings, traumas, phobias, abuse, curses… and replace them with positive ones. Improve your health, wealth, marriage, work, abundance, relationships by booking a one-on-one session or by attending a ThetaHealing® seminar with Masters and Certificates of Science Maya Badran and Tony Shoushani of Awakening Conferences & Seminars Organizing.

Location: 8th floor, office 804, Detroit House (Sumo Sushi & Blue Mart building), Motor City, Dubai, UAE


Awakening Conferences & Seminars Organizing 

Email Address
Phone number +971 50 8491237


Enjoy discovering your past life connections to places, people and your inner self. Member of of the Past Life Therapists Association. Adv PLR & LBL Specialist.
To enquire or book, email Mimi on

Email Address
Phone number 056 991 8852


Facilitated by Zarine, Golden Energy Healings incorporate various modalities including The Bars and Body Processes from Access Consciousness, Spiritual Healing using SRT, Theta Healing, Magnified Healing, Kinesiology, Chakra Clearings, Crystal Healing, and Sound Healing using gongs and bowls.

Zarine also facilitates private, group and corporate meditation sessions incorporating guided visualizations, gonging, singing bowls and chanting.

Zarine can be reached at or on 0506509954.

Email Address
Phone number +971 (0)50 650 9954


Noora Deen is an experienced Reconnective Healing Practitioner. She does one-on-one healing sessions working with universal energy frequencies to restore balance to the body, mind, and spirit. She also facilitates The Reconnection which is a once in a life time attunement.

For information on Reconnective Healing, go to

Noora can be reached at 050 400 5545 or

Email Address
Phone number +971 (0)50 400 5545


By lightly touching and laying-on of hands Barbara Jackle connects with her clients. The energy begins to flow. Many clients perceive this energy as a tingling sensation or comfortable warmth. Also many people experience a feeling of lightness, security and relaxation. Also some may feel tired after finishing the session.

Barbara’s energy also works for healthy people, they feel more fit, efficient and can feel positive differences.

Originally from Germany, in Barbara’s family, channelling abilities have been widespread for generations. “I got my abilities as a gift and I learned to live with this precious gift in order to excel the way of supporting people throughout my grandmother’s capacities. Her straight and honest appeal has always inspired and sensitized me.”

Barbara’s work is based on the principle of confidentiality and loyalty with regards to clients. Every word and action will be treated as highly confidential.

Mobile:   055 111 0262

Tel.:         04 351 7901

Fax.:        04 351 7902


Address: 2nd floor – Office 214, Jumeirah Terrace Building, Jumeirah 1

P.O. Box 75590 Dubai, UAE

Email Address
Phone number +971 (0)4 351 7901
Address 2nd floor – Office 214, Jumeirah Terrace Building, Jumeirah 1


The aim of The Alignment Institute is to help people lead happy, harmonious and well-balanced life. We offer unique and effective solutions that focus on stress management and overall wellbeing ”

Shivani Adalja is the founder of the new age well-being institute in Abu Dhabi. She offers well-being workshops, aura alignment, Feng Shui alignment, NLP private coaching, hypnotherapy, tarot workshops,  private readings and guided meditations.

She also offers workshops in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Doha, Qatar , Kuwait , Thailand and India.

For more information please call 0506811728 .

Website :


Email Address
Phone number 0506811728
Address P.O. Box 114350, Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates


Brenda Margaret is a Spiritual Response Therapist & Feng Shui specialist working out of the B&C wellbeing centre.

For more information please call 0559743607 or email

Website :


Email Address
Phone number 0559743607


Using Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT), Spiritual Restructuring (SpR) and other energy healing modalities, Samad gets to the root of what’s not working in your life and clears the way for healing, abundance and happiness. Powerful and life-changing work from this gifted healer.


Email Address
Phone number 000


Diane Taylor is a spiritual trance healer and Tibetan Usui Reiki healer.
Tel: 050 749 2566 or book through the website. Women only.

Email Address
Phone number +971 (0)50 749 2566


Illuminations is a Dubai-based well-being centre inspiring individuals towards a journey of self-discovery as a key to lasting happiness.

Illuminations offers a variety of services based on a holistic approach to self-development. The intention is to provide a deeper insight into the mind-body-energy connection influencing our experience of life. As a result, individuals feel more balanced and complete within themselves.

Illuminations provides the following services for individuals, corporate professionals and young adults to avail from:

  • •Daily meditations
  • •Self-empowerment workshops & Seminars
  • •Holistic training programs
  • •Private consultations
  • •Holistic products

Lukas Putz
An Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) practitioner and teacher, Lukas offers private healing sessions, meditations and classes for those wanting to learn SRT or Spiritual Restructuring (SpR).

Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy
Illuminations Well-Being Centre is certified by the Universal School of Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy Middle East. Five stages. For more information, go to or call Illuminations on 04 448 7043.

Office 409, Fortune Executive Towers, Cluster T, Plot T1, JLT (next to Dubai Marina Metro).

Email Address
Phone number +971 (0)4 448 7043
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