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The aim of The Alignment Institute is to help people lead happy, harmonious and well-balanced life. We offer unique and effective solutions that focus on stress management and overall wellbeing ”

Shivani Adalja is the founder of the new age well-being institute in Abu Dhabi. She offers well-being workshops, aura alignment, Feng Shui alignment, NLP private coaching, hypnotherapy, tarot workshops,  private readings and guided meditations.

She also offers workshops in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Doha, Qatar , Kuwait , Thailand and India.

For more information please call 0506811728 .

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Email Address
Phone number 0506811728
Address P.O. Box 114350, Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates


Miracles, is not only a holistic well being center, it is also a community that thrives to help transform the lives of people of all age groups in life. We believe that with the usage and practice of the therapies and techniques offered here, that you can change your life for the better NOW! We have a team of highly qualified and experienced therapists and facilitators that offer a variety of alternative therapy techniques assisting you in overcoming the stress of this fast paced life that we all live in.

Our community of therapists and healers are here to assist you in bringing out the best within you, equipping you with the tools to accomplish your dreams in life, and make miracles happen everywhere.

Icon Tower, office 306, next to Byblos Hotel Tecom (Dubai Internet City Metro) Tel: 056 148 5118


Email Address
Phone number +971 (0)56 148 5118
Address Icon Tower, office 306, next to Byblos Hotel Tecom (Dubai Internet City Metro).


Self-discovery workshops, yoga for kids, space clearing and feng shui for the home, Ayurvedic cooking, wellness for pets, crystal healing, Reiki, Theta healing and online shopping.

Email Address
Phone number +971 04 000000


The Alignment Institute provides learning and development through life transforming workshops. The workshops empower people and initiate change in their lives.

Shivani Adalja has created unique workshops based on years of experience in the filed of Aura Alignment, Feng Shui Alignment and NLP. Her workshops are fun, interactive and based on unique subject matter.

In addition to running six core workshops, we design and deliver workshops for spa and wellness industry professionals, with focus on holistic wellbeing and heightening awareness.

P.O. Box 114350, Abu Dhabi
Tel: 050 6811728

Email Address
Phone number +971 (0)50 6811728
Address P.O. Box 114350, Abu Dhabi.
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