About Us

Awakenings Middle East magazine was launched on 1 December 2012 by Tamara Pitelen, a New Zealand expat who moved to the UAE in 2006.

Awakenings started out as a labour of love. While still holding down a day job as a magazine editor for a Dubai-based financial publishing company, Tamara produced Awakenings on weekends with the help of good friends and her husband Adrian Maul. The aim was to provide a focal point for people living in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) who wanted information about alternative health options, eco-friendly living and a more holistic, planet-caring approach to life in the Emirates.

Tamara had worked in magazines and newspapers as a journalist, editor and writer for more than 20 years before launching Awakenings. Many centuries earlier, she started her career as a daily newspaper journalist on The Christchurch Press in New Zealand before moving to London and then Sydney and most recently Dubai.

The website was built by Ammar Sajid, contact him on ammarkashmiri7@gmail.com

Awakenings magazine would not exist without the invaluable support and encouragement of Tamara’s employer CPI Financial, in particular CEO Adam Broom.

Special thanks also goes to Asma Merchant, Aspen Aman, Neha Jamani, Samad Ahmad, Vanya Silverten, Shahida Siddique and Soniyaa Punjabi.

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