Fertility Therapy with Hypnotherapy

The desire to have a baby can be so strong that a woman feels it like a physical pain but when there’s no obvious reason for infertility, what can be done? Marica Josefina Atta believes hypnotherapy can provide solutions.

Failure to conceive when a baby is wanted so badly can leave many women devastated, wondering what’s wrong with them. For some women getting pregnant becomes an obsession, something that preys on her mind 24/7. For other women it’s a constant sadness and the sight of a baby or a pregnant woman can feel like a punch in the stomach.

Irrespective of how we react, failure to conceive rarely leaves us untouched and I believe it affects women at the very deepest level of their being. Unfortunately, fertility issues are on the rise and for modern women, it has become one of the major health and wellbeing issues of today.


Sometimes there’s a physical reason with either the father or the mother that is behind an inability to conceive but in 25 per cent of all cases there’s no obvious explanation.

However, whether there is a clear reason or not, what we do know is that our bodies always follow the mind. Every couple is unique; each person carries a history that has formed who they are today, this includes the life and mindset of ancestors, parents, childhood and lifestyle etc. We are largely a result of our past and what we choose to think, feel and do today will form who we become.

Every suggestion, thought or emotion that we entertain, has a corresponding physiological and chemical response within the body. Emotions gets transformed in the brain into biochemical and electrical messages, that are continuously released directly to the bloodstream and then transmitted to the hypothalamic/pituitary/ gonodal axis – which are responsible for reproduction. It makes sense therefore to pay attention to our thoughts and emotions when we’re planning to conceive.


With HypnoBirthing Fertility Therapy, we’re focused on fertility, not infertility, since our view is that
no woman or man is flawed, even in cases where a physical reason for no conception is detected. Just think
of the word ‘fertility’ and see how it makes you feel, then repeat the word ‘infertility’ and see how that makes you feel. We are all created to be fertile but since our bodies are a result of our mind and lifestyle, we can unconsciously block conception. As a therapist, I begin by looking at the mental and emotional level, where the root cause can be found through hypnosis tools to identify blocks or hindrances for a successful conception.

Entering a hypnotic state is just like daydreaming, it’s a super-relaxed, altered state of awareness that allows us to access our subconscious mind in order to unblock and release emotions and old patterns as well as to connect with and influence certain parts of our bodies. In the fertility work, we also look at lifestyle and the physical health of the couple. We use a holistic approach so that the whole being becomes balanced allowing an overall improvement in life and wellbeing.


One example of how magically a hypnosis session can work is a client who came to see me to get help with anxiety. She and her husband had tried to conceive for more than a year without success. They had tried some medically assisted technology for conception but with no luck.

During the two sessions I worked with her, we didn’t focus on fertility instead we focused on releasing tensions from her mind and body. She could hardly breathe when she first came to me, with a very stiff stomach, which means she didn’t even receive her own breath. The more we started to unblock the deeper emotions she could breath deeply again and her body relaxed.

Six months later, she rang me to tell me she was six months pregnant and that she knew it was thanks to
our sessions. Of course every case is individual but sometimes our bodies respond quickly with just a few changes.


It’s my job to detect what to unblock in couples experiencing infertility so that their bodies will allow conception. Thereby, there’s no ‘one-size fits-all’ solution when working with fertility but we do know that stress in all its forms, has a significant impact on fertility and this is a common element in the lives of modern women.

Too much stress plays havoc with our hormones, as well as our sleep, wellbeing, relationships, libido, immune system and digestion – all playing a crucial role in conception.

We see a general state of inflammation in the bodies of people who are under constant stress for a long period of time. Stress manifests differently for everyone, so the individual seeking help should always be met with a customized approach. Stress doesn’t only mean a hectic lifestyle, it can also be the result of emotional turbulence; a never- ending striving to perform, or never experiencing peace of mind.

Sandra Berga, MD, chair of the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics at Emory University in Atlanta has reported several studies with findings that seemingly healthy women with fertility trouble tend to have high levels of the stress hormone cortisol in their blood. Emotional stress also reduces sperm counts in men. A study of 500 men published in the journal Fertility and Sterility found that sperm count dropped when a man’s partner was going through In Vitro Fertilization, which is a difficult and anxiety-producing procedure. Another study published in the Journal of Reproduction and Infant Psychology found that couples were less likely to achieve pregnancy if the man was depressed and had low self-esteem.


Another issue for women that I see every day in my job as a hypnotherapist and Theta healer is the suppression of naturally feminine traits.

Every human being is born with a mix of feminine and masculine energy. Feminine would be described
as the nurturing, open, sensitive, receiving part of us. Masculine is the directed, action-orientated, giving
part of us. Everyone’s combination of these energies is individual but in the business/success orientated society that we have today, typically female traits are often considered weaknesses while masculine traits are strengths. Daily, women come to me for therapy who are subconsciously suppressing their feminine in order to fit into society, compete in the workplace, please family, etc. How is this related to conception? Conception is about receiving, which is a feminine trait. To receive a man, to receive love, to receive a life in your womb, to receive a baby into your life. Many of us are so accustomed to performing, giving and achieving that receiving make us feel guilty or uneasy. Suppression is always perceived as stress for our mind, whatever it is that we’re suppressing. Since conception happens between two people, the state of the man, ‘the giver’ in the case of conception, needs to be considered as well.


1. What is Hypnotherapy?

Entering a hypnotic state is just like daydreaming, it’s a super-relaxed, altered state of awareness that allows us to access our subconscious mind in order to unblock and release unhelpful emotions and old patterns as well as to connect with and influence certain parts of our bodies.

2. How does HypnoBirthing Fertility Therapy work?

It typically takes four to six sessions but this can vary. It can be an effective aid and support for conception by itself or it can be used alongside In Vitro Fertilization and other Assisted Reproduction Technologies for a greater chance of success. The sessions are a combination of working with deep relaxation techniques, hypnotherapy, health care advising, breathing practice and conscious counseling.

MARICA JOSEFINA ATTA is a certified Clinical HypnoTherapist, Theta Healer, HypnoBirthing pratictioner and Fertility Consultant. Email
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