Experience authentic Ayurveda in Sri Lanka

Kaya Peters travels to a famous Sri Lankan Ayurvedic Wellness resort to experience the power of one of world’s most ancient holistic healing practices.


Although the system of Ayurveda originated in India some 5000 years ago, Sri Lanka is well known for its Ayurvedic wellness holidays and for the past 30 years, Baberyn Ayurveda Resorts have offered authentic Ayurvedic treatments to people from all over the world.


With its first resort opened in 1984, the family-owned Barberyn Resorts pioneered Ayurvedic tourism in Sri Lanka. Today, the two resorts are Barberyn Beach Resort and Barberyn Reef Resort. Together, they employ eight doctors and 52 therapists, comprising Ayurvedic physicians, therapists, dieticians and pharmacists, who treat patients with health issues of every kind including blood-related problems, arthritis, rheumatism, obesity and mental stress. But you don’t need to have something wrong you to take time out at Baberyn, guests with no specific complaints also benefit from detoxing, de- stressing, and strengthening the immune system to improve general wellbeing.


For my stay, I chose the Barberyn Reef Resort, located right on Beruwala Beach. I spent my week in a simple room with private terrace facing the ocean.

On arrival, I was in need of rest and recovery. My first day began with an in-depth consultation with one of the resident Ayurvedic doctors and from this my dietary and treatment programme is set. I was asked questions like, “What is your favorite season?” “How is your digestion?” and “Do you get angry easily?” The answers gave my doctor a clear picture of my dominating ‘dosha’.

The concept of Ayurvedic medicine is that health exists when there is a balance between three fundamental bodily energies or ‘doshas’ called vata, pitta and kapha.

In Ayurveda, food is complementary medicine and for me, no coffee, no wheat, no dairy and no meat are prescribed. I’m also advised not to eat much cold food, and am served plenty of papaya juice and a tasty green soup with my meals. I indulge in all the delicious curry foods, red rice dishes and salads, and don’t feel hungry or deprived for a moment. Life is good at Barberyn.


My treatment programme includes a daily Ayurvedic massage and herbal body packs to eliminate cellulite and some small skin allergies. I also take herbal medicine twice daily. Everything is prepared for me with great care.

The highlight of my week is the shirodara treatment where medicated oil is poured over my third eye for 40 minutes. It is a deeply relaxing treatment that balances the hormonal system and cures issues like insomnia and tinnitus. I go into a dream state and wake up feeling wonderful. It is no surprise that over 80 per cent of Barberyn’s guests are returning customers.


Barberyn resort is not a typical luxury resort but offers a tailor-made healing programme for body and mind. Other facilities include a swimming pool, dining room and relaxing areas.

The resort has a peaceful and family oriented atmosphere. Your programme is complemented by optional activities such as yoga, meditation, Tai Chi, lectures on Ayurveda, cooking demonstrations, traditional live music at dinner, boat tours, a library with literature on culture and spirituality, as well as inspirational movies and videos. On top of that, you get short sightseeing trips to nearby Buddhist temples, nature reserves, a three-wheel ride to the market, and places of interest such as the old Dutch Fort in Galle.

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