Astrology Trends 2014

The astrological patterns in the heavens in 2014 see Jupiter changing signs to Leo for the first time in 12 years. It’s also the final full year of Saturn’s stay in Scorpio. What does it mean for your horoscope? Astrologer Jessica Adams reveals…

ARIES It took ages to get off the ground, but the plans you made for your house, flat, family, household, home town or homeland in the middle of 2013 will take you further than you dreamed by the middle of 2014. As each welcome change appears, use it to to create a further one – you can’t lose. The ongoing issues you are having with your money, property, business, possessions or charity will be over by 2015 but in the meantime, use a relative’s position, the plus factor attached to your home or a real estate advantage. This will make or save you money.

TAURUS Right time, right place. Your big project or idea may take off online, or in the real world, but there is no doubting the massive potential, over the long-term. Your way with words, ideas or images is your passport to something very special by mid 2014. The technology is here to help you. Are you still wondering what strategy to pursue with your former, current or potential partner? Or even an enemy or rival? Take your time in October and November as the story will change. Yet from that point forward, do work on an approach that will see you through 2014 before the cycle ends.

GEMINI The trick to your most powerful financial position in years, is to take each opportunity and make sure you stretch it to its maximum potential. This applies to your money, house, possessions, company or apartment, as between now and the middle of 2014 you could eliminate debt or accumulate wealth. If only your daily workload was so simple! You can make it easier by taking a second position where you get to escape from reality, or by building projects into your regular job which are like a mini-holiday. Difficult people and situations will end by 2015 in any case.

CANCER Your relaunch will make you look better on the internet, and in the real world too, with substantial results by Christmas 2013 and a far bigger share of popularity or respect by the middle of next year. You may change your look or shape more than once, to your definite advantage. The situation with your children, godchildren or young relatives will disappear in around a year, but until then, try to come up with a strategy you can stick to. This also applies to any work or part-time involvement with younger people. You need a practical, proven plan.

LEO The secret you have been keeping since 2013 will bring success by June. From your birthday you will spend time and money on your face, body, style, image and online reputation. This is the start of an amazing relaunch which will take you through to 2014. You have one more year of challenges involving your family, house, home town, household, homeland or apartment. By 2015 you can put one difficult situation or person behind you and be grateful you had a good strategy.

VIRGO You will make fantastic new friends by this time next year and also join, or start, a group project that will enrich your life. An existing friend will turn out to be your guardian angel more than once, and a team or tribe around you, which has been wallpaper for so long, is destined to reward you in amazing ways. The only issue for you is the internet, the media, publishing, language, written work or your voice. This is where you desperately need a management strategy.

LIBRA You are halfway through the toughest financial, property and business cycle in 29 years so congratulations on making it this far. Skip October and November for final plans but have your 2014 strategy ready in December. By Christmas 2014 you are almost at the end of the challenges. The wonderful possibilities for success now will take around nine months to fully reveal themselves. Your award, promotion, outstanding personal achievement or covetable new job will come to you because of your own proactive approach to a genuinely lucky break.

SCORPIO Dealing with all the image, personal appearance or reputation issues becomes easier in 2014 as you have already tackled two challenges. You will be completely free of this cycle in 2015 but until then use September or December this year to come up with a mindset and plan that works. You should be thrilled with the results of your efforts on the internet, in another country, with a foreign nationality or in a university by 2014. One success follows another and you will have more than your fair share of lucky breaks. A distant place on the map holds good karma for you.

SAGITTARIUS Ifyou can sidestep control issues or power plays, you will be richer by 2014, thanks to a chain of opportunities involving your money, house, business, charity, possessions or apartment. You have already seen what is possible since August. Now you can look forward to the best opportunities in 12 years to save or make more. You will be pleased to know that your secret will no longer burden you, or a role behind the scenes will cease to bother you, within one year. To get there from here, avoid October and November for firm plans, but from December, create a strategy.

CAPRICORN If you are looking for a partner then one really good candidate will present himself/herself by the middle of 2014. A happy relationship or marriage will go to the next level by mid-2014, thanks to a pregnancy, property decision, ambitious trip or new business. If your partnership is unhappy then there is a way out, to your advantage! Did you know this is the toughest cycle in 29 years for friendship, group commitments and social media? The life lessons stop by 2014 but until then you need to give more thought to the mental attitude that you can lean on, to help you.

AQUARIUS Even though your career as a whole is very hard work, there are everyday lifestyle benefits for you until the middle of 2014. If you don’t work this applies to your volunteer role or your student position. Try to use every opportunity you get to make the details of your day happy and easier, even if the general picture is tough. You should be thrilled to know that the biggest and best cycle for your love-life in 12 years begins halfway through next year. Any partnership problems will be fixed, one way or another. Single people have options. Happy matches will skyrocket.

PISCES You may have a professional or parttime involvement with younger people. Alternatively the good news this year may be associated with your child, godchild or young relative. Build your plans in stages and there will be some fantastic twists of fate which help you to your goals. You are halfway through the toughest cycle in 29 years for travel, foreign connections, the internet, education and publishing. It does get better, mainly because of the useful lessons you’ve learned.


The UAE’s character is her destiny. And her character is Sagittarian, as she was born at 10am on 2 December 1971 when she became independent from Britain. Sagittarius is the sign associated with travellers and migration. With Dubai leading the way, the UAE is famous for her cosmopolitan atmosphere and expat population. Tourism and aviation are among her biggest industries. Sagittarius also rules anything big – thus, Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall. This sign also rules horses, hence the Dubai World Cup. What does this year hold for the Emirates? First of all, a tourist boom, resulting in a massive increase of visitors starting at the end of July, which continues into the first half of 2015. A successful bid for a major world event will occur by mid-2015. This year also sees an economic boom, with a miraculous revival for some industries in September 2014.

JESSICA ADAMS is a best-selling author and astrologer for Cosmopolitan, Harper’s Bazaar, Star Times, Australian Women’s Weekly. Follow her on Twitter, @jessicacadams

Astrology trends 2014


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