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It’s called Tapping, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and EET (Emotional Empowerment Technique) and it’s a way to release negative emotions, fears, phobias and stresses through the stimulation of traditional acupressure points with gentle tapping. Words by Tamara Pitelen. 


Are you in a state of disease or distress, beset with problems that you can’t seem to shake? This could be money, career, family, health, or relationship issues. Or maybe you have a great life but still you walk around in a black cloud, unable to enjoy your many blessings. Perhaps you’re often lethargic, depressed, or discontented. These feelings are trying to tell you something and the longer you deny or suppress them with substances like food, alcohol or medication, the stronger they will get.

“Feelings are basically the language of the soul,” said EFT practitioner Monisha Parwani during an Emotional Empowerment Technique Workshop at Dubai wellness centre, The Third Eye.

“Our feelings tell us whether or not we are aligned with our true selves and our life path. When we have a positive feeling it means things are going well. Similarly, whenever we have a negative feeling it means we are not in balance; that there’s something to look at,” Monisha said.

“Your feelings and emotions are your inbuilt compass; your guidance system. Not trusting your feelings, suppressing them or ignoring them leads to dis-ease.”

Monisha said that any disease on the physical body is the result of a thought process but the happy news is that this can be reversed.


In other words, what you feel manifests in the physical. To illustrate this with a simple example, if you’re embarrassed, you blush. If you’re afraid, your heart rate rises and you start sweating; if you’re sad, you cry; if you’re happy, you laugh or smile, and if you’re angry your face turns red, your muscles tighten and your
pupils change.

If you continue to ignore what your soul is communicating to you through your feelings and emotions, that communication will start manifesting in your physical body, at first it could be an ache, rash, itch, pain or twinge.

The problem is that many of us internalise our feelings because society teaches us there’s something wrong with showing emotion so we sweep them under the carpet but does this mean they go away? No, the pile under the carpet just gets bigger and bigger until one day it all spills out like a tidal wave of rubbish.


Every emotional disturbance is accompanied by a distortion of the corresponding energy channels in the body, says Monisha. These channels have different names in different cultures, including meridians and nādi (traditional Indian medicine). These channels allow the energies of the subtle body to flow and they connect at special points of intensity often called chakras. So whenever you feel disturbing or negative energy, the meridians get disturbed. If you allow yourself to feel these emotions, acknowledge them and release them, then the energy lines are returned to the normal state.

But supposing you don’t release them and a meridian is blocked by a negative emotion so the energy cannot pass through. In that case, there will be a build-up of energy, which, if left unaddressed, could appear in the physical body as an ache or pain. Eventually, it could become a disease.

“Every thought that we have effects our emotions, which affects our energy body, or the chakra body, and that it turn affects our physical body,” Monisha said.

These unexpressed feelings get stored in the cells of our bodies and from there they enter our DNA. Once they’re in your DNA, they can be transferred into the DNA of future children.


So how can you get these unexpressed feelings out of your cells? Blockages like this in the meridian lines can be released with techniques such as EFT or tapping, acupuncture, Reiki, reflexology, acupressure, etc.

“EFT or tapping is a powerful tool that uses mind-body science for tracing back to the core problem and releasing imbalances in the body.

“With EFT, you go into the thought process and change it; make it positive so your physical body can return to a state of balance, to homeostasis.

“We use tapping and affirmations to release discordant emotions such as fear, anger, anxiety, worry, jealousy, frustration, hatred, greed, tension, depression grief, etc

“With EFT, you tap on the meridian points around your head and torso, while talking out the negative feelings – do this over and over and the block starts to open and the energy starts to flow again. The reason we talk out the negative feelings first is because you need to bring up the feeling of, say, anger from the cells of your body. You need to feel the emotion by talking it and by tapping on it, and as you are tapping and talking and breathing you are releasing these emotions.”



Tamara Pitelen went along to The Third Eye EET workshop and found herself sobbing in front of strangers…

I’d already had some experience of tapping so – despite not really understanding how it works – I’m convinced it can be a very powerful healing technique. To get some more idea of the rationale behind it, I went along for a workshop with EET practitioner Monisha Parwani. After hearing a bit of theory from Monisha, it was time to try it for ourselves. Monisha asked us to think of an issue we’d like to work on. I’ve done group healing workshops before and on that day I really didn’t want to end up bawling like a baby in front of a class of strangers so I decided not to deal with any of my big issues and instead pulled up something I considered fairly ‘safe and small’, namely a work client who had made me angry the week before with his unreasonable demands.

“That’ll be easy to clear,” I thought, “no chance of crying with that.”

So, I started tapping on this ‘small’ issue out loud in front of the class. I began by tapping on the karate chop point of my right hand (left or right hand, it doesn’t matter).

I said: “Even though I’m furious at Wissam for his unreasonable demands over the work project, I still completely love and accept myself…” I repeated this several times.

Then, being guided by Monisha, I started moving around the other meridian points of my head and torso, the start of my eyebrow, the outer side of my eye, under my eye, etc. I was saying things like, “I am so angry at Wissam, he’s a bully.
He never appreciates what I do for him, his expectations of what can be delivered just get ever more ridiculous, it makes me wild!”

As I continued tapping on my feelings, digging deeper into them as I moved around the meridian points, I suddenly found myself coming out with stuff about how my stepfather never made me feel appreciated and, yep, there I was crying like a baby… in front of a class of strangers.

The power and speed of the technique surprised me. It was also a revelation to discover that my reactions to a situation at work actually stemmed from unresolved childhood anger towards my stepfather. How many other apparently unconnected situations in our current life are in fact rooted in childhood trauma? Most importantly though, crying those tears felt like a release.



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