The basics of crystal healing

If you’ve never understood why all those new age hippie types love crystals so much, Asma Merchant is here to explain the basic theory behind crystal power and crystal healing.

Have you ever met a stranger who made you feel happy just being around them? Or had someone’s enthusiasm rub off on you? You’re being affected by their energy field and picking up their vibration. In a similar way, crystals emit an energy vibration that can bring many benefits when utilised properly.

Crystals don’t heal your diseases or fix your issues but they assist in amplifying your own energy and accelerating your internal healing process. I think of themas a gang of close friends. Just like our friends, some crystals invigorate and some cheer you up while others soothe you. Also there might be some that you don’t connect with at times. Let intuition be your guide in picking the right crystals for you. Always touch them and sense them before you buy. Still, the choice can be overwhelming and it can all get very complicated because there are so many different crystals, all with differing properties, so in this article we’re sticking to the basic to get you started.Here are some of the most commonly used crystals and what they can help you with…


One of the most popular crystals, Rose Quartz is the soft, pretty love guru. Associated with the heart chakra, this pink coloured quartz is known for its unconditional love. She will either help you in attracting the right mate or help you heal from the wrong one. Rose quartz also helps with forgiveness, gentleness, compassion and most importantly self-love. She is the one who pushes us forward when we feel low about ourselves.


Citrine would be the power dressing, moneymaking, successful friend who is all about pushing us into action.Associated with the solar plexus, this yellow coloured quartz is all about making things happen in the physical plane. Citrine helps enhance your personal power,mental focus and creativity.


We all have that one friend who is so at ease with themselves that they glow with the power. That’s Carnelian for you.This crystal helps you in owning your power yet grounds and stabilises you.It has a warm, joyous and gratuitous energy to it. Linked to the sacral and root chakra, this orange helps in owning our sexuality too.


Vibrant and charming yet also soothing,Turquoise is the stone you pick when you have to make yourself heard. Turquoise assists in resolving communication issues and keeps reminding us to speak our truth without fear. Turquoise is also beneficial in protecting against any outside influences.


Muddled and confused? Don’t know where to turn for guidance?Clear Quartz is your best friend. Helps in finding focus and clarity while kick starting your intuitive abilities. It also aids in your spiritual journey by working on clearing your Third Eye and Crown Chakra. Clear Quartz also assists in amplifying the energies of other crystals.


The friend who makes you forget your problems, Amethyst is the epitome of peace and calm and is known for relieving stress instantaneously. It also shares qualities with Clear Quartz by assisting in your spiritual journey.


This your no nonsense buddy who will bring you back to earth when you are flying too high and at the same time pushes you forward when you aren’t moving. This one friend knows how to keep it real by helping you face what you are denying and unwilling to look at. Also protects you from negative energies.

How to use crystals

First things first, when you buy yourself anew crystal make sure that you cleanse it in any of the ways listed below. That way you remove any remnant energies from the people who have handled it previously and restore it to its full potential.

• Wash them under running water

• Keep them in a bowl of salt and water. Some crystals disintegrate or lose colour in water so be wary.

• Smudge with incense or sage

• Clear using singing bowls

• Bury them under soil or in your potted plant

• Visualise your crystal under white light with the intention of clearing it.It also helps to charge your crystals every once in a while by leaving them under sunlight or moonlight.

The next step is to state the intention for which you want to use it for. Pick the right crystal for the job so if you want love, rose quartz, if you want confidence to speak up, go turquoise.

The easiest way to incorporate crystals in everyday life is to get small tumbled stones and carry them with you in your purse or your pocket. The crystal needs to be in physical contact with you so it attunes itself to your energy. I like wearing them as jewellery so I got myself a pendant cage that way I can keep changing the crystals as permy mood and requirements.You can buy a pendant cage at

Some people use crystals in meditation to get specific guidance or they place specific crystals on parts of the body to accelerate healing but that’s getting beyond the basics so we’ll leave that for a future article.



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A quick guide on which crystals help with which physical symptoms of disease or discomfort…

Aventurine (healing stone): Releasing toxins, near-sightedness, skin issues
Amethyst: Headaches, insomnia, stress, overcoming addictions
Citrine: Depression, digestive issues, stomach, kidney and liver problems
Hematite: Aids blood circulation, increases blood supply
Moonstone: Aids fertility, female reproductive issues, balances hormones


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