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Based in Abu Dhabi, Carola Becker is a Advance ANGEL LIFE COACH(R) and owner of Crystals’ Energy, a spiritual center and gift shop.
What can she do for you? In order to help you to grow and let go of your problems and emotional blockages that hinder you in having a happy and balanced life, Carola uses the following techniques in her sessions:

  • Angel Card Readings for clarification of your possibilities in the present
  • Emotional Balance with Angels (based on EB of Dr. Roy Martina) to release problems and trauma on a physical Level
  • Shadow Integration – an effective tool to come in peace with your shadow aspects
  • Shadow Process Karma and Trauma healing with Angels to let go of problems and blockages on a deep emotional and spiritual Level
  • Angel Trance Coaching for reprogramming your subsconscious mind

How can you find Carola?
Please write to with your requests. She will answer as soon as possible to give you more information about the sessions as well as a pricing schedule. Carola gives all sessions personally face to face or via Skype. 

Carola is certified by international ANGEL LIFE COACH ® Trainer Isabelle von Fallois. She also offers Angel Readings, Emotional Balance with Angels, as well as meridian tapping. Furthermore, she is an Advanced Angelcard Reader ™ certified by Doreen Virtue and can give angel card readings via Skype or face to face.

Through her company, Crystals’ Energy, Carola also offers:

  • Aura sprays made of gemstones, Bach flowers, flowers, spring water
  • Essences made of flowers and spring water
  • Organic Herbal Candles
  • Waterbars made of Fairtrade Gemstones
  • Gemstone fountains
  • Gemstone lamps
  • Incense sticks
  • Jewellery ( Necklace, Bracklet, Pendants a.m.)
  • Singing Bowls
  • Feng Shui Crystals and more

For more information on ANGEL LIFE COACH ® Training with Isabelle von Fallois, go to her website:

Email Address
Phone number +971 50 613 0911


Ignite Fitness and Wellness offer a range of fitness and wellness solutions, including military bootcamps, personal training, innovative group exercise, corporate wellness, life coaching, personal styling and nutritional advice for the individual, neighbourhood and business communities.

Ignite’s Group Ex classes are guaranteed to get you stretching, lifting, toning, dancing, boxing and strengthening your way to better health and fitness. With a wide variety of styles and levels of intensity there’s something for everyone.

Classes are held throughout Dubai in all Ignite gymnasiums including the Riva Beach Club on the Palm Jumeirah, Park Place on Sheikh Zayed Road and The Shack in Umm Sequim.

Group Ex classes include:

  • Box-Fit
  • Fit-yoga
  • Girls Only
  • Circuits
  • Bootcamp Overhaul


General / Switchboard – call (+9714) 4562482 or email

Military Bootcamp & Group Exercise – call Fabian on 055 736 4669 or email

Personal Training – call Fabian on 055 736 4669 or email

Sponsorship, PR, Marketing Liz 050 104 2338 or email

Corporate Wellness – call Guillaume on 050 715 0785 or email

Ignite Sport Services, Warehouse No 1, Al Manara Street, Po Box 454844, Dubai, UAE

[t]: +971 (0)4 456 2482 [f]:+971 (0)4 452 2555

Email Address
Phone number +971(0)4) 456 2482


A complementary and alternative medical clinic, the Chiron Clinic treats the ‘whole’ individual, and addresses causative factors of illness, and focuses on optimizing functionality and prevention of disease.

Services on offer include anthropsophical medicine, homeopathy, clinical nutrition, herbal medicines, acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (see below), spinal alignment, counseling/coaching, hydrotherapy, detoxification, and infrared-sauna therapy, to treat a wide array of family health concerns including; eczema and other skin complaints, autism/ADHD, anxiety/depression, digestive complaints, hormonal issues, migraine/tension head-aches, insomnia, allergies, low immunity, ear infections, asthma, and joint & back pain. We also offer allergy screening, and a wide array of functional testing.

Dr. Lanalle and Dr. Amel are both North-American Board Certified Naturopathic Doctors.

From AED 300/session
Open Saturday-Thursday 8:30-8:30.
160 2D St. Al Bada’a/Jumeirah 1 (Behind Life Pharmacy) 
Tel. 04 349 7444

The Chiron Clinic offers Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments including acupuncture, Chinese herbals and cupping.
Dr. Wang Ping specializes in fertility, hormonal & pregnancy complaints, musculoskeletal injuries, and stress.
The Chiron Clinic also offers treatments for weight loss, detoxification, allergy screens & desensitization, anxiety, depression, gastrointestinal complaints, skin problems, using natural & complementary medicine.

From AED 300/session
Open Saturday-Thursday 8:30-8:30.
160 2D St. Al Bada’a/Jumeirah 1 (Behind Life Pharmacy), Dubai, UAE
Tel. 04 349 7444

Email Address
Phone number +971 (0)4 349 7444
Address 160 2D St. Al Bada’a/Jumeirah 1 (Behind Life Pharmacy)


Awaken Your Mind, Realise Your Potential

Dubai-based Holistic life coach Adrian Maul of Awakened Potential uses NLP, hypnotherapy and Theta to help awaken your mind and realise your potential in work, home, socialising or achieving a life goal. First session free with no-strings attached.

NLP Practitioner, The Association for NLP

Master Hypnotist, California Hypnosis Institute of India,

Special offer! A free consultation plus 4 x 1 hour sessions for just AED 1000, representing a saving of 50 per cent

To find out more or book your initial consultation contact Adrian on 056 676 9483

Email Address
Phone number +971 (0)56 676 9483


Sean and Ryan Penny are the Wellness Brothers. Originally from South Africa, they each hold a Masters Degree Homeopathy from the University of Johannesburg. In 2005, they relocated to Dubai with their families.
Services and programs include DNA testing for health, diet and fitness; the ABC of fat-loss; 10 or 15 day detox plans, and more.
The wellness mission of the brothers is  to provide effective health, weight, and performance solutions to individuals, groups, and companies. They aim to do this through seven individual goals:

  1. Move more (often)
  2. Eat better
  3. Perform well
  4. Lose weight
  5. Quit smoking
  6. Stress less
  7. Sleep soundly


  • Homeopathic Practitioner – M.Tech.Hom. (SA) (Registered in SA and licensed in Dubai)
  • Homotoxicologist
  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Co-author – something BIGGER and NO SWEAT


  • Homeopathic Practitioner – M. Tech. Hom. (SA) (Registered in SA)
  • Homotoxicologist
  • Clinical Nutritionist – DCN
  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Co-author – something BIGGER and NO SWEAT
Email Address
Phone number +971 (0)4 441 9687 to book an appt with Ryan at Optimal Fitness in Studio City, Dubai


Simplify. Live the life you want!

Tel: 0555901807


Email Address
Phone number +971 (0)55 590 1807


Hypnotherapy, NLP Coaching, Personal Development & Life Coaching, Private Consultations, Corporate bookings & Group Workshops.

Rachel provides you with tools, strategies and techniques to help you improve your life physically, mentally or emotionally. “Maybe you are wanting to become a non-smoker or perhaps break free from food related issues, diets and counting calories.  Or maybe you are wanting more self confidence and to be in control of your emotions, behaviour and thoughts. Or maybe you are wanting a different approach to a health condition.”

Rachel Foy BSc (Hons) MLCHom Dip Hyp MBIH
Clinical & Cognitive Behavioral Hypnotherapist
Corporate Wellness Coach

Call the DUBAI clinic for a FREE assessment session on 04-4503525

Located in the heart of JLT, Cluster V.

Check Out Rachel’s Other Websites:

Email Address
Phone number 04-4503525


The mission at Mind Body Dynamix is to create harmonious families, communities, societies, countries and the world. To minimize suffering and maximize individuals innate abilities to achieve happiness and peace.

Services include executive coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), one to one sessions, workshops, and more.

MBD founder Amal Loring has counseled many UAE families on a wide range of issues ranging from social, relationship and economic matters. These experiences have produced a deep understanding of the Emirati psyche and what motivates and brings happiness to this proud and ever-changing society. Amal volunteered in a local mosque for 3 years during which time she gave many lectures on the culture of the UAE and the religion of Islam, to thousands of visitors a month. During this time she built up extensive knowledge of the culture and religion, through the inquisitive and enquiring minds of expats, tourists and foreigners to the UAE

Coupled with senior Management Coaching in a wide range of organisations both local and international gives MBD a panoramic view of issues from both perspectives.

TELEPHONE: +971 50 655 0438
Fax: +971 50 655 0438
ADDRESS: The Citadel, Business Bay,  P.O. Box : 71947, Dubai, UAE

Email Address
Phone number +971 50 655 0438
Address The Citadel, Business Bay, P.O. Box : 71947, Dubai, UAE


Orators’ Forum uses NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) to help you take control of your mind and emotions to achieve general well-being.

According to Orators, “NLP sessions are designed to change one’s way of thinking, focusing on self-esteem, power to make good decisions, direction, self-confidence, ability to create wealth, productivity, less procrastination and faster progress. It also enhances communication skills, helps develop relationships, calmness, motivation, eradicates limiting beliefs, undesirable behaviours, unreasonable fears and cravings.

Orators use NLP to help combat the following:

  • Quit Smoking
  • Weight loss – virtual gastric band therapy
  • Eradicate fears, phobias, nervousness, anxiety, panic attacks
  • Overcome grief, anger, guilt, frustration, depression
  • Conquer stage fright for public speaking and professional presentations
  • Take back control from addictions, obsessions, compulsions
  • Desensitize feelings of lack and limitations, shyness, inferiority complex
  • Boost self-confidence, raise self-esteem
  • Transform to positive mental attitude

ORATORS’ FORUM  Institute for Human Development and Behavioural Therapy FZ-LLC

Office #44, 3rd Floor, Block 18, Knowledge Village, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

P.O. Box: 502221



Tel: +970-(0)55-5538295

or +970-(0)50-7950295


Email Address
Phone number +970-(0)55-5538295
Address Office #44, 3rd Floor, Block 18, Knowledge Village, Dubai


Using NLP, the Transformations team help clients increase their productivity, work and learn smarter, improve memory and concentration, resolve problems creatively, and enjoy greater confidence and self-esteem.

By combining theory and practice, revealing powerful self-awareness techniques and using state-of-the-art technologies, the TI team demonstrate how to think in open mode, stimulate and apply imagination, harness creative energy, master new skills and make the key choices necessary to transform the quality of your life and achieve your vision of success and well being. Courses include the following:

  • Individual Coaching, Counselling & Therapy
  • Couples, Marital & Relationship Counselling
  • Hypnobirthing
  • Parent Education & Family Therapy
  • Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Life & Career Makeovers
  • Professional Practitioner Therapist Trainings
  • Continuing Professional Development: short courses
  • Corporate Consultancy & Training
  • Stop Smoking
  • Certificate in Satir Model Counselling for Individuals, Couples & Family Therapy
  • Satir Transformational Systemic Therapy & Conjoint Family Therapy

Email Address
Phone number +971 4 344 0115


The Transformations Institute provides professional courses in clinical hypnotherapy , psychotherapy, counselling , EFT, NLP and much more.

“Our professional practitioner courses are based on holistic, humanistic and positive psychology. We encourage our students to adopt an eclectic approach so that they can utilise a variety of techniques and methodologies, including clinical and analytic hypnotherapy, transpersonal psychotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), energy and meridian therapies, and be
open to any approach that enhances their professional practice in effective brief therapy and counselling for individuals, couples and families”

For more information please call  Dr. Leila Edwards on +971 (0)50 474 5612 / +971 (0)50 474 5613 or email

You can also visit the website at


Email Address
Phone number +971 (0)50 474 5612
Address Dubai


Soul Photography
Stephanie Hamilton specialises in photography projects that heal and celebrate your life.

Soul Mapping
She also provides one on one intuitive guidance for understanding your life’s purpose.

Tel: 050 870 1927

Email Address
Phone number +971 (0)50 870 1927


Alexandra Salkova offers hypnotherapy, NLP coaching, Theta healing, EFT, Reiki, De-stress programme.

Tel. 050 698 4612

Email Address
Phone number +971 (0)50 698 4612


A graduate of the UK School of Metaphysics for the Expansion of Consciousness, Tarnia offers private sessions available to know yourself, be yourself and express yourself.

Email: or call 050 2754 571

Email Address
Phone number +971 (0)50 2754 571


Pamella Pierrepont, Starlight Pathways – Thinking into the Future Therapies and Learning Solutions for Kids, PIDDS, The Listening Programme, The Learning Breakthrough.

Tel. 0558097445 or email

Email Address
Phone number +971 (0)55 809 7445


Counselling and development. Helen is a Gestalt Therapist.

996 Al Wasl Rd, Umm Suqeim 1, Dubai, UAE


Email Address
Phone number +971 (0)4 3942464
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