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The world of sports is rife with gambling-related scandals. In the midst of these scandals, more states are considering legalizing sports betting. The question is, how can you legally place a bet on a sporting event without breaking the law? This article will cover the types of bets, including Placements and Futures. In addition, we’ll cover how to protect yourself from fraud and scams in the world of sports.

Gambling-related scandals plague the world of sports

Several notable athletes have been implicated in scandals involving sports gambling. Art Schlichter, the fourth overall pick in the 1982 NFL draft, was arrested for nearly $1 million in gambling debts during his first year in the NFL. His gambling addiction led to numerous problems, including the conviction of bank and wire fraud. Despite his criminal record, he has yet to be charged with fixing any game.

Types of bets

When you are looking to make a wager on a sporting event, there are several different types of bets you can make. While these are the most popular options, sports betting has more categories and variants than just three. The biggest online sportsbooks have several different categories that cover most sports. You can choose to bet on the outcome of individual games or entire leagues. You can also bet on futures for team championships and individual player awards.


The sports betting industry is growing quickly and opportunities are available across the board. As more states join the industry, more jobs are being created. Just like with any new career, getting a foot in the door is key. Look for openings on job boards and check out company websites. Many companies post job openings right on their website. You’ll find a variety of opportunities suited to your skill set and personality. Here’s how to get started:

Futures bets

Sports betting fans who are looking for a new way to wager can consider futures bets. These bets are placed before the season begins and can be very lucrative. They are a good way to lock in a profit when things are going well and lock out a loss if they don’t meet your expectations. There are many different ways to make money from futures bets, and they can be an excellent addition to your sports betting experience.

Parlay cards

If you like to place bets on several different sports, it’s a good idea to use parlay cards. Parlay cards are essentially a combination of several separate wagers that must win together. The odds of winning any one of these wagers individually are relatively high, but the combined odds of all the wagers can greatly increase your overall winnings. Parlay cards are also very simple to use. Even spreadsheet gurus can create one.

Arbitrage betting

There are many risks associated with arbitrage betting on sports. The most obvious is that the money that an arber has to stake on a particular game can be lost. However, this is not as big of a problem if the arber deposits small amounts of money on a regular basis. There is also the chance that his bank account will be compromised. That means he would lose all his funds. If you have been unable to win any money with arbitrage betting, here are some things you should be aware of.

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